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Argh, I’ll say it once and I’ll say it a million times. Never trust ONE girl.

Here’s how her week is going:
1. Monday she gets fucked by David, a guy she’s been seeing for a few weeks now.
2. Tuesday her cat gets sick and needs to go to vet.
3. Wednesday a childhood friend visits her and spends the night.
4. Thursday she eats chinese food alone in her room.
5. Friday she goes out with a bunch of colleagues to a bar.
6. Saturday her mom and her spend the entire day together, shopping, and having fun.
7. Sunday she is just so damn tired from the entire week and needs alone time.

Now let’s quiz you, from the above which day was the best to text her?
GOOD JOB!!! it was Thursday. (mb Friday night even if she’s having a lull in the conversation with her colleagues).

Now let’s quiz you again, was there any way you couldn’t known this?

And one last thing: why doesn’t she initiate a text with you?
BECAUSE SHE’S A GIRL, AND GIRLS DON’T INITIATE SHIT. (until after you sleep with them)


You text a BUNCH of girls at the same time. If you have the skills text 20+ at a time. if you don’t have the skills text 5 at a time. That way one girl is randomly free on a given day to text you back, the more girls you text the happier your outcome will be. But you never RELY on one girl. EVER.

So you ping her once in awhile, and sure it’s _okay_ to ask her out right now. But just don’t be upset when she doesn’t respond; she’s probably getting it by either her mom, david, the cat, or longterm friend. just don’t oneitis about it and think you did anything wrong. I promise you did nothing wrong. and I equally promise there is nothing you can do to change her schedule: no awesome text, no sending her an awesome funny picture will do it. NOTHING. actually, I take that back. Maybe you can tell her you’re throwing a yacht party, see if she responds and then just say “kidding!” and accuse her of being a gold digger. but yeah, doing anything else will make you seem over eager. if you can ping her every now and then for a couple months (space the texts out as much as you can, and send them in different times – maybe one in the morning, one late at night, etc etc). Then it shows persistence not neediness. Delete her if she doesn’t answer to 3-4 texts in a row though.