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Wow, very deep as expected from Lee. Actually, I prefer streets, because number of girls are more than enough to build momentum. I prefer indirect, because I am at least 10 years older than the girls I approach, as you clarified well. On the other hand, though I am able to get numbers in closed places like bookstores, supermarkets etc., I have difficulty on the streets.
My sticking point is killing their momentum on the street, because they are going somewhere, and they already have an agenda in their mind. If I say “Do you agree” and they give short answer, what is the best thing to do? Many girls are not “yes” girls and they are reluctant to initiate conversation with strangers on the street. Girl doesn’t know anything about me in the beginning. Do you think, I should assume there will be interest if I continue talking , even though she doesn’t comment at all. In addition, in order to apply what you suggest, body positioning is very important I guess.