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Hey M

You’re right. It is easier to have someone with you while you pick up. They can help you get talking/motivate you, and there is an upside to having someone there after each approach because they act as a ‘harbor’ to go to after the approach. They can watch your body language and they can assist you in tweaking and adjusting your overall game. Also, if you were able to get companions who are girls, they will boost up your social value (fancy way of saying you’ll just be more attractive to women, ‘pre-selection’)

Sadly, there are downsides too. A lot of the times, if you go out with someone, you just end up talking about pick up all night rather than approach. It’s very counter-productive. You will notice that you will get very comfortable which is kind of the opposite of what you’re trying to do, which I hope is to get out of your comfort zone. Also, at some point your mind will start to tell you that you’re having fun with your friend and you don’t need to approach. All bad things.

Going out alone helps your pick up tremendously because, ultimately, the approach is done alone. The way people react to you is the most surefire way of knowing what things you need to adjust about your game. Going out alone has absolutely no negative effects on you. At the very least, you’ve gone out and didn’t stay at home, which should give you some satisfaction while starting out because you’ll know that you are trying. But after a while you’ll know that just going out isn’t good enough and that you will have to start talking to people. So you start raising your objectives at an escalating pace.

The trouble you will run into while going out alone is you might go for a long period of time where you don’t speak to anyone. You’ll start feeling crappy and you’ll start thinking that you’re just wasting your time. Good. Because that’s a great motivator to change something about your plan. And that’s how you’ll improve.