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From almost the very beginning, a woman has to be giving you almost as much as you’re giving her. You open her and maybe tell a story, but that is as much of a lead as you should be willing to give her. Beyond this, if she’s not asking you questions and picking up the conversation when you drop it, you should pull out. You shouldn’t be working much harder than she’s working.

Plowing and overcoming resistance are fine exercises and make you a better, more confident person. But exercises aside, if you really want to be the prize, you’re not going to tolerate much resistance from a total stranger before you decide that stranger is not worth your time.

You want a few rules that will help you mimic the behavior of high value men, rules that you will use until you come up with your own? Here are three:

1. Don’t ask her more than three questions in a row without having her ask you a question. Simply responding is not enough. She has to take an active interest in you. If she never does, drop the conversation.

2. Think of two things that you need from her. If she doesn’t give them to you, get out. She’s not for you. Does she need to be a reader? A movie buff? Into art? Do sports? Whatever they are, make sure she has what you want.

3. Every couple of minutes, drop the conversation. Let her pick it back up. If she doesn’t, don’t continue.

Over time, you will begin to internalize the idea that you want to talk only to those women who are receptive to you. As that idea becomes part of your self image, you will start behaving differently, and more women will want to talk to you.