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Whether you rehearse it or not, if you tell a story enough, it will start coming out the same way – maybe with very minor variation – each and every time. I tell stories about my childhood, my family, my social life. These are things that are NOT going to change. Why should I tell them differently every time? At this point, it would take infinitely more effort to try to tell them differently than to just tell them the way I’ve been telling them for years. I tell these stories because they are so much more interesting and valuable than talking about the weather. They reveal important things about me and they get girls to open up about themselves. If you want someone to open up to you, you have to go first. Simply shooting a bunch of questions at them is not going to do it. Of course, the alternative is to ask about piercings and music venues or just shower girls with compliments, but then you walk away literally knowing nothing important about them. When you know nothing about them and still ask to see them again, you are so much less interesting to them than when you have some standards that go beyond their physical appearance. That’s why I think all of these pickup examples you posted are really bad. Beyond the purely physical – where these men had a clear advantage – none of them managed to find out anything about these women.