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So you think it makes you a “genuine” person when you keep rehashing the same old stories to every single girl? Give me a break dude. To me that’s as bad as having a “line”. I bet you anything that if a girl could see you rehashing the same thing to another girl she would drop you like a bad habit. You know it and I know it. Because you don’t come across as genuine when you do that. You come across as a script kiddie.

As far as Paul is concerned, you forgot to mention that he also had a camera pointed to him and he was merely talking to her for the sake of monetary benefit for the product that he later sold. So of’course he was a fraud as far as the girl is concerned. Paul’s confidence and demeanor is rock solid though, you can’t deny that. And his coolness and improvisation skills are legendary. Show me ONE other guy in the game that came make up so much bullshit on the fly and pull it off flawlessly. and one can only get to that skill level after thousands of approaches.

Oh yeah, and do you think Eric really doesn’t know how to spell connoisseur or where central park is? But hell I don’t fault him for that.

When it comes down to it ALL IS FAIR in love and war. ESPECIALLY ON THE APPROACH.

After you’ve been on a date with her, that’s when one can appear more genuine.