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hey Eric, nice to see you. I know where he’s coming from as far as refining. But I have found that the more I try to make things “smooth” the more the girl gets turned off. I say this as one of your past students that went into the wild for 2 years and came back to the forum to share my experiences.

plus, the more I try to make things smooth the less approaches I make which is a death sentence for daygame. When I say things off the top of my head it isn’t “safe” things as the questions you’ve indicated. it’s more like something I’d say to a very close personal friend or just say whatever the hell I want to, half the time I don’t give it a second thought.. so my direct approaches are like “excuse me? yeah.. you just have such a great figure. i had to say hello”. or if it’s indirect it’s usually something out of the ordinary like tapping her if she’s in the subway next to me and asking her what music she’s listening to..

In your book for example (which is an awesome book for starting out – and one of my favorites), the problem is it comes across a bit too “safe”. now I find I can just ask them out right away, no fluff whatsoever. and i’m not talking about low quality girls here. I only talk to stunning looking girls..

they flake less when they know you’re not there to waste their time. Same in nightgame. If you’re not physically escalating girls don’t want ANYTHING to do with you. they don’t want the safe or intelligent guy. they want the guy that makes them wet, who dares to say or do the thing that they don’t experience from other guys..

well I’m sure you guys already know this, and perhaps we’re just having a miscommunication here..

of’course I wouldn’t say “what do you do, where are you from”. I’m saying the opposite. Kind of like.. you approach them, comment about their legs.. or an indirect, ask them where they’re going to (if she’s just walking past you). or if you’re on a date, just be very touchy and flirty off the bat.. and unfiltered. like, the less social conventions you use the better, that’s what I mean. so she’s left wondering like “woww, who is this guy!”

but I’m not gonna act “uninterested”, like take my time to reply to her or act a certain way FOR her. that doesn’t make sense to me at all. if anything, I’ll do everything a guy that was interested in them does but I’ll take it to a new level. for example, insta-day-lays. things they’ve never seen before. they love that kind of stuff.

perhaps you guys mean showing disinterest in your body language or your subcommunication? to that I agree. but that just comes naturally cause I know I could meet another one any time I wanted by just approaching more. maybe that’s what you guys mean.