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You’re still fixated on that? lol. That was just an opener, I asked her if the backpack was for school she was sitting next to me, who cares.. I don’t milk the opener anyway I transition to a more personal conversation after that. You’d be surprised at some stupid openers I’ve used and it works a treat. It’s just a throw away comment to start talking. What are some of Eric’s openers in six steps, “do u know how to spell connoisseur?” .. “is there a zoo in central park? are there penguins in there? I really wanna see penguins” lol. who cares about the opener. means diddly.

I already said before that merely talking to a girl and asking for number is not an everyday for most girls. The general population is scared to death to talk to them outside of a bar or online dating.

So apart from me starting a conversation, teasing a little bit, and getting into basic normal chitchat do I need? Do I really need to go overboard and make it seem like I’m even “cooler” than that? That’s mystery method. That’s try hard. Girls are looking for a down to earth, regular guy, who asks them out. No more no less.

Here’s a few approaches I’d consider pretty darn good and the amount of time they spend seems about right to me. this is what I’d do. to me this just comes across as “normal”. dunno what else you want me to do as far as extraordinary, shoot fireworks out of my ass? we’re just talking to girls here. there really isn’t anything extraordinary about it.

first one is indirect with a bit of improv

second one is just very basic direct

third one again is just very basic