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I guess if you can tell in 60 seconds whether you like them – and they can say the same about you – there’s not much for us to talk about. I teach guys to give women an extraordinary experience and it’s not because I want them to qualify themselves to women. It’s because an extraordinary conversation is the best way to quickly get women to qualify themselves to men. There’s nothing wrong with what you want – there’s nothing wrong with sweet, pretty girls with a little bit of wit – but it’s kinda presumptuous of you to advise men who are quite a bit more discriminating than you to use an approach that gives them nothing more than what you’re willing to settle for, isn’t it? Do you know how many times I’ve walked away from a beautiful woman because she told me she doesn’t really read novels? You’re not saying that asking a girl about the potential uses of her backpack – as you did in a previous post – is a good substitute for the kinds of conversations I teach men to have with women, are you?