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Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t post anymore. but I couldn’t resist on this one because it solidifies what my post on “Girls are Random” is all about.

Let me just say “welcome to the club” m’boy. I had the same damn thing happen to me a few days back. Met this girl on the street, bounced her to a cafe, bounced her to a furniture store– sat on a couch where we talked about all sorts of sexual things. and we eventually made out. We had a bunch of laughs together. we spent a good 2 hours hanging out. At the end of the date I felt I was in love. lol. so I message her like couple days after that. Radio silence! I’ll try one more text in a few days but then I’ll give up.

Girls are RANDOM. let me point out that I had the *BEST* freaking time with the girl. We were vibing so well it was ridiculous. I felt like we knew eachother for years. Only to not hear from her when I text her? that’s bullshit. But who knows maybe she’ll get back to me in a few days we’ll see. But if she doesn’t, I won’t sweat it anyway because I’ve seen this behavior so many times now my brain is numb.

But to this point, let me just quote the great thomas aka boytoy from this infamous video:

“If there’s one thing I know about women… it is that you never know about women!”

on the flip-side, I’ve had interactions with girls I’ve insta-dated where we didn’t seem have a great connection yet I messaged them and they messaged me back right away and wanted a second date. lol. The game is random as hell. My advice to you is to just be aware of this fact and hold your head up high and don’t put too much emotional energy or thinking into it. In both of our cases we just do not know what the woman is going through in her life. Maybe her cat died and she hates men all of a sudden – who knows!

My advice: just keep hitting on more, that’s why nature keeps creating lots of women, for this exact reason.