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here’s another example. You text a girl after you meet her, let’s say the day after. So you say “hey, Sue! It was nice meeting you the other day”. But she doesn’t respond. So you go to a forum seeking advice on what you did wrong. But when you send her the text she could’ve be blowing a different guy. She could be out of town. She could be on her period. She could’ve been in a state of depression. She could’ve not liked me for some reason- maybe I’m not her type, maybe I’m too old. Maybe I’m too young. Maybe she didn’t like my sunglasses. Her phone could’ve been off. She could’ve been in the mall with her friends and didn’t have her phone handy. She could have been on another planet. And on and on and on.. WHO GIVES A SHIT. Instead of taking my time to worry I’m just hitting on another girl or texting another girl instead.

Yet most guys from what I’ve seen will go. “well, gee how should I have sent her the text…” maybe I did something wrong! then they go on a forum, they get some stupid gamey advice like, you should’ve sent her “Hey Sue, I saw a squirrel in the park and it’s smile reminded me of you”. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter. If she blew you off before due to her personal reasons, no matter what you would’ve done she would’ve blown you off. Trust me I spent a *LONG* time doing all that gamey shit to realize it hurts more than it helps because it shows the one thing that girls despise — neediness and coming across like you’re trying too hard to win them over.

Or alternatively, say you see a girl that you try to get her number. She’ll see “no” for a myriad of reasons. Some will even go so far as to call you “creepy” or give you a weird look. Yet another girl that you approach a minute later with the same opener will think you’re the greatest guy ever!

This girl that I’ve been sleeping with, I just texted her and she didn’t reply. Do you think I’m gonna sit here and say “ohh gee whiz, why didn’t she answer!! maybe I did something wrong”. Absolutely not. I just know that when I sent her the message it was probably not the right time..

There are Yes, No, and Maybe girls out there but they’re not constant. A No girl can turn into a Maybe girl can turn into a Yes girl can turn into a No girl back again. They change and they change frequently.

I once hit on a girl that worked in a cafe and she gave me an evil look and told me she had a boyfriend and looked at me like I was weird for even asking her out. Did I question myself on how I should’ve asked her? NO. I knew that I asked her and that’s what counts. Fast forward to a few months later, I saw her again and asked if she still has a boyfriend she said she didn’t, so I asked her out, she said yes and on the date we fucked like rabbits. Same girl that gave me a weird look the first time. Go figure. A no girl turned into a yes girl. Just by a factor of time. Not by what I said or didn’t say.

Similarly, you can be in a supermarket, you can start talking to a girl about rice crispies and alternatively you can tell her a girl she look nice. As long as you in both cases just ASK her for the damn number you’ll get it — so long as she’s in the right place at the right time of her life, she’ll hand you that number. No amount of bullshit you did to start the conversation matters, no amount of push/pull or any of that crap matters.

I guess what I’m trying to say to you all, after doing this for awhile and sleeping with more girls than I can dream of is, to forget all this gamey shit. You don’t need to shoot lightning rods out of your ass. if you want something from a girl JUST ASK. she either will or she won’t.