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hurricane, “you’re giving terrible advice”. I mean, it works for me. maybe it’s not what you do. But since when is just being your authentic self and telling guys to approach girls terrible advice?

zhelyazko, nobody ever has perfect information. there’s alot beyond our control, especially when it comes to cold approaching a stranger. even if you talk to them for hours you don’t know what’s going on in their lives. the reasons why they flake or don’t give you their numbers is infinite.

as far as improving yourself, of’course I agree with this. I go to the gym 5 days a week. I have a great career, I work on my style, have good friends and a loving family, etc. I’ve talked to thousands of girls thru daygame approaches so my confidence is pretty strong as far as the approach and how to handle myself on the date. But these are things I do for myself. Meaning, I work on myself, I don’t work on trying to get “girls to like me”. They either like me for myself or they do not. Similarly, I don’t try to copy what other guys do. I don’t have a “routine” I do. My dates are always spontaneous and different.

Of’course you need a basic understanding of people, and social interactions, like you said being a bit more touchy and teasing on the date causes them to lighten up, etc. But beyond that you’ll find that more analysis, more forums, more bullshit that you read online on this subject eventually gets to a point of diminishing returns.

And maybe you guys don’t understand me correctly, but here’s what I mean by random. Here’s two interactions I had today:

1. Supermarket – got into a nice conversation with a girl browsing the aisles next to me, teased her a bit, asked her for her number. She said “sorry I’m not interested” and continued her shopping.

2. Street – girl was jogging. I waved for her to stop. Me: “quick question, are you single?” Her: “yes” Me: “great let me get your number”. Her: “ok!” and gives it to me. We do a little chitchat as I’m entering her digits.

Similarly, I’ve had plenty of situations where I’ve stopped joggers only for them to frown and run off and I’ve had many interactions like the one in the supermarket where the girls readily give me their number. If that’s not random I don’t know what is. Same thing with setting up dates, sometimes the girl flakes sometimes she doesn’t, sometimes I get laid sometimes I don’t. But I’m not sitting there analyzing myself constantly. I know what I’m doing is true to myself and I’m not gonna second guess myself.

My point is, you can never predict what people are doing in their life. And no amount of bullshit game is gonna change their situation. I work on myself as much as I can, I initiate conversations and dates, and that’s the best I can do.