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EJ, you’re overthinking it. You want to ask her out but you’re scared of asking her out, and moreover you’re scared of feeling awkward?

You can trust me that you’re feeling more awkward than she is.

Here’s a few gym approaches that I made in the past:

1. Girls running on the treadmill, I get on the treadmill next to her I just tap her on the shoulder. She stops. I say “sorry to interrupt, this will only take a second. But I saw you I thought you looked great. Can I invite you out sometime?” took her number and went on a date a week later.
2. Girl walks past by me in the gym to get a towel, I open her with a “excuse me??” she goes “yeah?” i go “I saw you and I thought you looked really fit.. have you been here for a long?” we talked, she gave me her number, we texted back and forth but forgot about her due to other obligations.
3. Sometimes I’ll go more indirect so I’ll say “what exercise is that? what muscles does it target” to a girl exercising next to me.. Then I’ll just ask for her number at the end.

As far as what Hurricane said, I don’t agree. Just ask her out without all the foreplay. Talk to her next time you see her and after a minute say “I gotta go back to working out.. any chance I could invite you out sometime?”. And that’s it, take her number and text her.

As far as feeling awkward you’re kidding me right? I’ve hit on many girls in the gym. They become background noise after awhile. I hit on girls everywhere, in the supermarket, on the street. Why in the world are you feeling awkward, you’re a man taking care of his business. Fuck cares about what one girl thinks anyway. You said yourself that she’s talking up a storm in there, so why can’t you? I can bet you anything you want other guys have been tapping her from your gym.