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I saw a pickup video recently in which a guy day approaches a very attractive woman, and very confidently starts to hold her hand within the first min of the interaction. It goes generally fine for a few min, he gets her number and she leaves.

It then shows the text interaction, which consists of multiple instances of her flaking – either saying she’s busy and not suggesting another time, canceling a date last minute, saying she’s going to call and then not calling, etc. It was a LOT. The guy persists and is sure to never show any kind of anger. Eventually (I think it took a month?) she goes out with him. We see her come to his place, and he implies they slept together.

A friend of mine is also very persistent and has told me similar stories…

SO – I guess my question is, what do we have to lose by pursuing girls who continue to flake on us. I’m assuming it’s
1) setting up a poor power dynamic for the first date (although can’t this be shifted once you’re in person?)
2) A risk to shifting one’s internal confidence? (although isn’t this abated if you truly don’t care?)