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The gold standard of making things sexual is touch. If you can touch her – at first just to punctuate your conversation, but eventually with more sexual intent – you should.

After that come stories, stories that deal with inappropriate and sexy subjects. For example, if I let the conversation drop and she picks it back up with something boring – like “So do you live around here?” – I might say something like this “Bzzzzzt! Boring topic. Let’s pick a better one. Lets see… (pause) Have you ever kissed a girl?” They usually say yes, to which I say “On a dare? Or because you were genuinely attracted?” After they respond, they usually ask me if I’ve ever kissed a guy. I have a good true life story about that, a scorcher. Having the confidence to tell a sexy story to a total stranger is pretty attractive.

The least effective way of sexualizing a normal conversation is deliberate misinterpretation, innuendos, and humor. Be careful with these. They could do what you intend or they could backfire by making it seem like you’re afraid to talk about these taboo subjects directly.