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@Slim, girls are random. Stop trying to change yourself for them. To me it seems like you’re trying to be too perfect and forcing a certain behavior to work. don’t waste your time analyzing them, focus on your own needs (getting numbers, setting up dates with girls that actually want to see you, etc)

What I found that works: keep approaching and get numbers, get alot of girls in your pipeline message a handful of them and try to get them on dates. Don’t play the text message game too long with any one of them, just a quick back and forth, try to be a bit flirty with it (like 1-3 texts) and the rest should just be logistics on when to see them– texting with each one before a date shouldnt be more than like 10 messages between the two of you.

A bunch won’t reply, some will. But stop looking at this through the lense of “what am I doing that’s wrong” as opposed to “girls are random, I’ll message some of them, some will, some won’t”. your frame should always be that you did nothing wrong or it’ll fuck up your timing. and never take their lack of response at face value, like you did something wrong or you’re not good enough, etc. They might be doing something (or some guy) when you’re texting them so try again in a week.

And as far as taking her to the hot zone, you might want to do a little bit in text but not too much. a bit of light sexual innuendo is ok. But basically save the hot stuff for the date. And if I may be blunt, before the date, jerk off to some porn, don’t ejaculate but get yourself hot before the date think like half an hour on redtube or something an hour before u meet her– then you’ll notice in the date you’ll be looking at them and talking to them in a certain way (this will all be unconscious to you though, to your logical mind anyway). Just be a horny man and the rest should take care of itself. If the girl is horny too, she’ll jump in the sack with you, provided you bring her back to your apt– if she isn’t, atleast she’ll feel that you’re a sexual man so she’ll be eager to see you on the next date. The worst to be on the date though is Mr. nice guy just wanting a conversation. Or even worse, the game player. so whatever you do, don’t logically think about this like “if I do x, she’ll do Y” instead just feel horny and she will feel it too. And if she doesn’t, get a different date. And as far as those 3 girls are concerned, get atleast 10 more numbers before you even concern yourself with them.