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@jonathanA, not sure what you’re saying. But if “direct game” means giving someone a compliment in order to start a conversation it doesn’t matter how old you are or how young they are.

as far as this whole “game” thing is concerned. I find that most people play the same stupid games. Both men and women alike. I’ve dated hundreds of girls and it’s like they all have the same game playing book. To the point where I can read their behaviors so easily, they’re all confirmists, sheep playing by the same rule-book. Nobody is unique these days.

Here’s how it works. The older you get (and yes, older people play more games) the more you’re conditioned by society. So you start off having your own unique personality, and as you get older people (family, friends, society, pickup coaches) start layering all these rules and filters that you should live by, how to talk to people, how to act, which clouds your own uniqueness and makes you conform, until you become the exactly the same as other people. Your real personality dies, and you become a phony sheep playing games. You go onto forums like these asking questions like “how do I start a conversation with a woman?” because you’ve been brainwashed that just about ANYTHING you say (direct or indirect) is wrong, where the real truth is it doesn’t matter what you say as long as you just say ANYTHING.

And even this game stuff– everyone here has access to the same material online both men and women, so even the game stuff becomes so commonplace to the point where people start acting the same. Guys start saying the same thing like “Hey, you know where I can find a starbucks?”, or Mystery’s “who lies more?” or even, “Hey I was just over there.. and I saw you and I thought you were.. CUTE” (the community decided CUTE was the best adjective to describe any girl and now that line is so overused it’s nauseating, guys are running to girls on the street saying the same shit again and again). Another is the “three day rule” (altho now less used because it’s so overplayed) guys taking 2-3 days to call a woman after a date to make them seem more important than they actually are. Or acting like their career or lives are important. I can’t tell you how many times I see girls with the worst careers yet they act like they’re so important and busy. They aren’t busy for shit. Nowadays, I actually crave a girl to tell me “yes, my job sucks. I hate it” or “wow, I’m so bored” because most people act phony, like their lives are so awesome. Men and women alike. I know what people’s lives are like, especially in consumer driven America. People’s lives are lonely as shit (most people anyway).

And hurricane, I don’t mean that she needs to act thirsty and tell me she wants a boyfriend, I just mean she needs to be herself… if she’s undecided that’s great. I just can’t have her act like EVERYONE else, it’s so boring. All I’ve seen from dating girls is the same thing over and over.

Now I try to be unique. I try to message them after 5 seconds because most guys wait a few hours. I try to take them somewhere besides a lounge or a coffeeshop because that’s what most guys do. I have alot of guys friends and everyone’s game is exactly the same it’s pathetic. Now, whatever anyone tells me to do I just do the opposite.

So to everyone on this forum, my point is to just be UNFILTERED, don’t be perfect, make mistakes. hell, try to make mistakes. say and do whatever YOU want to do in the moment. Don’t use scripts. Don’t rehearse the same material. Don’t read shit online and do whatever the next man did. Do something completely unique and different, that’s what girls remember.