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“Another acceptable reason for approaching is if we were both stuck in an elevator.”

lol. yeah, I wouldn’t hold my breadth waiting for that to happen.

“The problem is, however, that there are very few legitimate genuine reasons for my brain to talk to a girl on the street or in the supermarket. ”

If you cannot think of a genuine “reason” to talk to a girl, then just go direct. Even in a supermarket. Go up to the girl and say “hey.. sorry to interrupt. But I just thought you looked so nice today I had to say hello.” Just be respectful and honest. It’s good enough. In the supermarket though there’s alot of openers that you could use such as “have you ever tried that sauce? is it any good?” or “wow.. so many choices here huh?” but then it gets a bit more difficult to transition if you’re not used to doing that. So my point is, just go direct if you can’t find a reason. The more you build your confidence talking to women, ironically you can go more indirect and talk to them because you’ll feel more comfortable and your brain will get more creative. But just focus on approaching more for now.

Just be unfiltered though. Social norms really screws up with a man’s creativity. Say whatever *YOU* want. Never think about what the girl wants to hear, trust me it’ll screw you up big time trying to adjust yourself to her. Just do what you want and play with different openers. Make it easy on yourself. If you feel uninspired say something really blunt like “hey, can I have your number?”.. Play with it. Improvise. In the supermarket try even saying “hey, how’s your day going?” there are no rules with this stuff. You can literally say whatever the heck you want.