Find Places with More Women than Men; Also: the Most Sexually Active Male and Female Names

by Eric Disco
Feb 18

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bentan.bellefree.com6This website, Ratio Finder, claims to display bars/clubs with a higher ratio of women to men. (Found via Reddit)

It does this by aggregating 4square and other social location services.

Went to a few bars last week and it seemed legit for at least one of the bars.

And believe me, it’s tough finding a bar in NYC where there are more women than men.

You can choose different types of nightlife, parks, shops, etc.

Currently it looks like it only works for New York and San Francisco.

Top Ten of the Most Sexually Active Names

This uber-scientific study (sarcasm) claims to show common names: who’s gettin it the most and who’s gettin it the least. Go Chris!


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