Aug 8

I’m sitting next to her in the bar, we’re on our second beer. This girl really likes me. And I like her. We’re connecting, bantering. She’s laughing, looking at me with those eyes, those eyes that tell me she feels awesome. I’m escalating kino (touching). It started with light touching on the arm. My hands

Jul 18

It’s all relative. Banter–playful flirting–is one of the most powerful tools you have to generate attraction from women. It shows that you view her as your friend, so much so that you can bust on her and have fun with her in a playful way. A great aspect of banter though, is that you can

May 7

It’s the old romance story. The guy fights through all these obstacles, does superhuman heroic things. And then he meets the girl. And he decides to make himself vulnerable to her because he sees something special in her. But what does it mean to actually make yourself vulnerable to another person? Is it the sharing