Before Any Words Are Spoken – Lance Podcast

by Eric Disco
Jul 22

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When he was in college, Lance Mason taught himself to approach women. This was before the internet even existed.

He wrestled with approach anxiety as much as any guy, and what came through on the other side changed him forever.

Lance is the founder of Pickup 101 and one of the most celebrated dating gurus in the world. He has influenced my game more than anyone else.

Last Sunday after a weekend workshop together, we sat down and talked about a lot of things he’s never revealed before.

Lance goes into detail describing his very first approach–how it failed and what he did to recover.

He reveals a great technique he has used from the very beginning to help get through approach anxiety. And gives his very special definition of approach anxiety that you may not have heard before.

I asked Lance, if he only had one tool when he went in to talk to a woman, what would it be. His answer is surprising. And it could change your game forever.

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