Bad Boy With A Heart – Interview with Cory Skyy

by Eric Disco
Jul 19

I’ve met and worked with a lot of excellent guys in this industry. I thought I’d seen it all. But Cory is something completely different.

Cory Skyy ( is a diamond in the rough, a true natural. He’s never read an e-book or any outside information on seduction. And that makes him all the more powerful.

Cory can walk into a room and light a fire with any woman he chooses–without even saying a word. He can tell you exactly what’s going on in any situation with a girl and exactly how it should be played.

In this podcast we discuss how being a nice guy can get you into trouble and what to do about it. He also reveals one of his most powerful techniques for meeting women in bars. He will alter your reality of what’s possible.

Alter Your Reality Download Free MP3 Podcast (41 min, 38 MB)


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