All I Want For Christmas

by Eric Disco
Dec 20

It’s Christmas time again.

Women are out everywhere doing what they do best: shopping.

It’s no surprise the one of the easiest ways to meet women is to talk about gift buying.

She’s a hotty in the Medical Reference section at Barnes & Noble bookstore.

She’s leaning against a railing with her face buried in a book.

I walk over, stand next to her, and pick up a book off the shelf.

I open the book and tap her on the arm while looking at the book.

“Do you think this is a good gift for a nurse, or do you think she’d be sick of stuff like this?”

I just got off the phone with my friend who hooked up with a nurse, that’s why it came to mind.

Immediately the girl starts giggling.

“She might already know everything,” she says.

Everything?” I ask. “My sister is an architect and I’ve gotten her architecture books before. But she’s ambivalent about them. So maybe I shouldn’t get a medical reference for a nurse, right?”

“Or, she could think it’s interesting,” the girl says.

She has the deepest blue eyes. I can tell she’s thin but she’s wrapped up on a long blue coat so I can’t check out her body.

Damn you winter coats!

Yeah, look at all these pictures. This is kinda cool, right?” I say

“Look, the human brain…” she says.

“You’re not a nurse, are you?”

“No. Sorry,” she says.

“Dammit!” I say with a playful anger. “I had such high hopes for you. You looked very medical over here in the medical reference section.”

She laughs. “Well, good luck with that!” she says.

“Thanks,” I say, pushing forward. “Let me guess, you’re a lawyer who helps injured people get a lot of money from corporations.”

“No,” she laughs.

“Darn! Wrong again,” I say.

“I work in higher education,” she says.

And we begin to get into deeper conversation. By the time I walk off, she’s complimenting me and thanking me for “stopping by to say hi.”

There’s almost nowhere you can’t go and ask a girl if something would make an appropriate gift.

You’ve got a mother, a sister, or a “friend” who all seem to need gifts this time of year.

Best make use of it.


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