A Night Out Alone

by Eric Disco
Sep 19

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It’s Friday early evening.

My friend said he’d go with me to a concert. It’s a band I really like.

But then I get a text from him saying he’s feeling sick and staying home.

None of my other friends are interested in going.

Should I go to the show all alone?

A huge part of me just wants to go home, watch a couple movies and call it a night.

I decide I’m going out instead. It’s the first rule: just get out.

I don’t need to interact with anyone all night. Even if I just go and watch the band, that’s something.

I’m feeling so chill and calm as I arrive at the venue.

I get into the coat check line. There are girls in line. I think about it, but don’t end up talking to any of them.

After checking my coat, I go to the downstairs bar. I see a girl out on the dance floor.

I walk up to her and ask her if she knows what band this is.

She tells me. We talk for a minute and I leave.

I go upstairs to the main stage. Make my way into the crowd. I feel slightly awkward because I’m all alone but it’s okay.

The main band comes on. I start to dance and get into it.

I notice a really cute girl standing to my right. Big blue eyes and curly short blond hair.

I see her talk to someone next to her. But I can tell that they’re not together. She’s being social.

I dance a little more.

On the other side of the place a small fight breaks out. I take the opportunity to open my mouth.

I ask her if she knows what’s going on, just to interact with her.

She responds. She’s friendly.

It slowly escalates from there. Every once in a while I say something to her, joke with her a bit, dance with her a bit. Never facing her.

Toward the end of the show she says she’s going to the bar to get a drink. She doesn’t ask if I want anything, she just says she’s leaving.

I let her go.

I’m perfectly fine on my own.

Later on she makes her way back over to me. The band ends.

Since it’s quieter, I take the opportunity to connect with her a bit more, then invite her out to a bar.

She’s into it.

We’re sitting in the cab. I ask her if she works hard. “Let me see your hands,” I say.

She gives me her hands and I start touching them. “They’re smooth,” I say. “I don’t think you work very hard!” She giggles.

It was an excuse to touch her hands. Now we’re sort of holding hands, sort of playing with each other’s hands.

We get to the bar. We walk through the crowd to the back of the bar. But we’re stopped by the bouncer.

“Private party” he says.

We decide to stay anyway and hang out in the front of the bar. I take her by the hand and walk her downstairs to check our coats.

“You should have used your charms to get us in,” I say.

“Oh? How would I do that?” she says with a flirty smile as we get to the bottom of the stairs.

“Like this,” I say as I grab her hand, lift it over her head and pin her against the wall.

Our lips touch.


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