A Cure For the Common Approach Anxiety

by Eric Disco
Apr 13

I’ve got a HUGE secret to share with you today.

I talk a lot about the blood, sweat and glory of going out there and changing yourself. Dealing with the emotional turmoil of devastating rejections and harsh embarrassment.

How if you slave away, day after day, you can slog your way to the top of that mountain called ‘confidence.’

But there’s a huge side of approach anxiety which isn’t often talked about. Getting past approach anxiety can be…

Are you ready for it?


Lord have mercy, I did not just say that.

Of all the things out there that take away fear, FUN is one of the most important.

When you go out there with the intention of just making girls smile, not only do things become more fun, it becomes downright addictive.

Girls can sense it when you come up to them just to “get some.” They know when you’re talking to them just to get down their pants.

Instead, when you are out there having a blast, not caring what ANYBODY thinks, all of a sudden you’re the most attractive guy in the room. EVERYBODY wants to know you and be around you.

THAT’S attraction.

Our entire weekend workshop, the Art of Attraction, is about putting the fun back into meeting people.

We don’t torture you with lectures and intricate scripts to memorize. We focus on having fun.

Because we know that if you’re having fun, you’re an attractive guy.

We can see it on our students’ faces when they’re having fun. All of a sudden this isn’t a torturesome process.

We know that if you’ve never approached people and you start doing it and they start smiling, guess what? You start enjoying yourself.

That’s when this stuff becomes addictive.

What makes this fun for you?

Next time you go out, instead of thinking and thinking, try to have as much fun as you possibly can. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to have as much fun as you possibly can.

And watch the magic happen.

Pickup 101 Workshops have been described as a “rolling party.”

But in our workshop, you aren’t the quiet guy leaning up against the wall watching the party, YOU ARE THE PARTY.

You find out FIRST HAND that it’s not so difficult to do this stuff.

Instead of putting yourself through all the trauma, make meeting women fun and addictive.

Do it now, by signing up for my Charismatic Confidence Mentoring Program.


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