7 Aspects of a Great Coach

by Eric Disco
Feb 4

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With so many people teaching pickup these days, how do you find the right coach to work with?

Here are seven things to look for in a great coach.

1. A great coach will build on your strengths.

He won’t try to completely take you apart and rebuild you. He’ll notice what’s working as well as what needs to change.

Making you see and feel good about what’s working is as important as helping you change what’s not working.

It’s not about giving someone a new personality and things to say, it’s about bringing out the confident, sexy guy that is inside you.

2. A great coach will share personal examples from his life.

In lectures and in answering questions, he’ll talk about his personal experiences with women.

He won’t try to act like the perfect pickup guru. Relating both successes and failures can be helpful for guys.

3. A great coach will find the “pain” beneath your questions.

Instead of just throwing out stock answers to questions, he will find out why you are asking the question.

He may ask you questions back if he needs to.

He will find out how much you actually know about the topic before answering.

He may even ask “What do you think the answer to that question is?”

4. A Great Coach will give useful and personalized feedback on your interactions with women.

Feedback should be descriptive instead of just evaluative.

Instead of just saying “That was really good,” he’ll say what was good.

“That was really good. I like the way you looked her in the eyes and bantered with her.”

When giving feedback, a he will focus on ONE thing at a time for you to improve on.

You won’t be able to fix ten things at once.

Often in a new guy it’s easy to see ten things he could fix.

A great coach will be able to pick out the most important aspect and focus on that.

5. A great coach will show you what’s possible by demonstration.

A coach should be able to go out and interact with women and demonstrate anything he tells you to do.

He should should show you things that you didn’t think were possible.

While having the ability to personally demonstrate any pickup, the coach will also know how to return focus on you.

He won’t spend the entire day or evening doing pickups himself.

6. Sometimes you really do need a kick in the ass.

As much as he is a teacher, he is also a coach and needs to push you beyond your comfort zone.

He will push you and work with you in a way that keeps you motivated.

A huge part of coaching is being able to challenge you.

He will be honest and direct about any aspect of yourself you need to change, whether it’s your overall attitude, a quirk in your behavior or your personal hygiene.

7. A great coach will show you how to connect with women by connecting with you.

If you feel like your coach knows you, you will feel much more comfortable following his advice.

You should be having fun together. You should be opening yourselves up to each other.

You can tell how good he is with women a.k.a. people, by how good he is at connecting with you.


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