"You've Got to Feel Good Doing It"

by Eric Disco
Apr 18

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My upcoming book, She’s Six Steps Away, will be released in early May.

In the last Weekly Challenge, I put out a questionnaire asking about your main concerns about the upcoming program.

I’ve been getting a firestorm of e-mails. I’ve been doing my best to respond to each and every one of them.

The number one question guys have asked is:

Will this allow me to be genuine and sincere–to be myself around women?

One person said:

“I think there should be more emphasis on the individual instead of the target (women). After all if you feel good you will naturally attracted people (women and men). Nonetheless I thoroughly enjoy reading your site and I think I would like your book as well.”

I love that this is the number one concern because it shows that you guys are aware of something important…

When you feel good, you naturally attract people.

You don’t need to change who you are as a person or become someone different. You already have a personality.

This is firstly about losing your inhibition so you’re comfortable displaying that personality around other people.

The key is real-world exercises that allow you to practice being who you are in small intervals until you can be yourself–no matter who you’re with.

But enough of my yapping, let’s hear from someone who actually read the book and went through the program:

“You’ve got to feel good doing it. And it’s got to be genuine.

Now, when I go up to somebody that I want to speak to, I genuinely just want to go up and start talking to them.

And I do.

If there’s a person that I see, and I love the way she’s dressed, it’s not a lie to say, “Oh, I love your outfit.”

I love her outfit and I want to go talk about it.

And now I can.

It’s such a liberating feeling to be able to break that chain, that I can just go and never be lonely in any situation.

Every time I talk to somebody new, it’s completely different.

It’s the same structure but it’s always a different interaction.

It’s like if you play basketball.

You can throw a three pointer. Every time you get to that line you can make the shot.

But you have to change everything, every time.

It becomes so much fun.” – Chris



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