You're in Luck: Women Find Confidence Sexy

by Eric Disco
Jun 10


I was out at a bar last night with my friend Lee and another friend.

Immediately after walking into the bar, Lee started to chat with two hot women next to us.

The girls giggled and laughed as he talked with them.

After about ten minutes of conversation with them he turns back to us.

“My objective,” he says, “is to show as much of myself as possible in the first few minutes of conversation. I do this through playfulness, through storytelling, even through physical contact.

“To me,” he continues, “It’s like a job interview. Would you go to a job interview with no resume, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and just wing it? No. You would prepare. You would carefully get together your resume. You would dress right.

“That’s what pick up is. Getting good at presenting your best self.”

Guys like to look at naturals, men who are excellent with women, and mimic what they do. This is an excellent way to get good with women. You need a model.

But the thing is with these guys is that it’s NOT really their personality that’s attracting women. Yes, their personality is attracting women, but it’s the fact that they are confident with their personality that’s attracting women.

Every guy has a personality. Every guy is fun and playful. Every guy has a history of things that have happened to him that he can talk about with women.

I was watching a youtube video of a girl I used to date. I noticed her giggling and laughing as she was talking.

That’s the same way she giggles when she talks to me. Does that mean it was fake?

loopydave.deviantart.com1No. This is who she is. This is confidence. She is who she is regardless of who is with her.

Chances are, there is someone you’re confident around, or someone you’ve been confident with in your past.

Maybe it was a best friend or a relative, or someone younger than you who looked up to you.

You were uninhibited around this person. You were playful and fun. You were yourself and confident with your self.

That’s who you are. That’s who you want to be around women.

Women find it so attractive when you’re out on a date and you can be confident with everyone.

Flirt with the waitress. Compliment the coat-check guy. Be cool with everyone.

In the end, this is what pick up does for you. It gives you confidence because you can practice being yourself over and over again with multiple women.

You lose your inhibition as you practice being yourself.


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