Your 'Ace in the Hole' with Women

by Eric Disco
Jul 2

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I have a close friend who’s pretty good with women, but only once he’s in a conversation with them.

When the woman is already talking with him, he’s clever, he’s funny, he shows a lot of personality and attitude.

Women love him.

In some ways, he’s even more clever and creative than me.

The problem is…

He has too much fear to go out and start up conversations with women he doesn’t know.

He’s done it once or twice.

And can do it if he’s really drunk.

But for the most part, it’s impossible for him to get past his anxiety.

I know, I know. Since he’s a close friend of mine, I should be able to help him get past his anxiety.

But he doesn’t want to go through the steps. And I can’t force him. As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

A few years ago, he met a stripper and managed to start dating her. He was proud of himself that he did that.

This girl had her shit together a little more than your average stripper.

He was really into her. He felt like he found “the one.” Eventually, they moved in together.

But after a while, things fell apart.

She cheated on him with a guy she met at the gym.

It tore him apart that this happened to him. He was distraught.

But mostly, it showed him how dis-empowered he was.

“I wish I could do what you can do,” he said to me. “She gets guys hitting on her all the time. If I could do what you do–go out and meet new women–it would even things out.”

See, it’s one thing to get a hot girl. If you’re somewhat decent, it’s possible you’ll get one.

But can you keep her?

That’s another story.

When you’ve got game, you’ve got your bases covered.

If she walks out that door, you can walk out that same door and find another girl.

And she knows it too.

That gives you leverage in the relationship. It’s your ace in the hole. The final word.

That means you can be the man in the relationship.

And not just deep in the relationship…

At any point in the relationship.

You go on a first date with a girl and worry that she might not like you…

Well, you know what? There are more women out there.

When you’re confident you can get other women, you’re confident with her, even if you decide to be a one-woman man.

If you don’t know how to get out there and meet those sexy women, it’s time to learn.

Your happiness depends on it.

Everything is laid out for you here:


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