"Women Want Adventure" – Cory Skyy Podcast

by Eric Disco
Apr 20

“Anyone that’s great with women knows how to have a good time,” says Cory Skyy.

Cory knows a thing or two about women.

He’s heralded by top guys as one of the best guys in the world at getting women.

But what could one of the of the best guys in the world have to say about having a good time?

“Why lie to create a crazy story to tell women? Have a life instead,” he says.

Download this free podcast and find out how having a good time can help you completely turn things around with women–and it has nothing to do with going out to bars.

Women love guys that are adventurous and spontaneous. But how do you do it?

We also delve into dating. We talk about what he does on a date, what to do if the energy drops, and how to know when to end the date.

Be the Adventure – Download Podcast (28 min, 26 MB)


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