Where Guys Go Wrong – Podcast 3 with Cory Skyy

by Eric Disco
Jan 19

This is the third installment with the bad boy of seduction, Cory Skyy.

Cory talks about where guys usually go wrong with women.

And more importantly, what you can do right.

  • How changing astoundingly small things can make a huge difference
  • Why memorizing routines and scripts can make you unnattractive and what to do instead
  • One magic word that literally forces the other person to continue talking
  • Why attractive women are so snappy and bitchy and what to do abut it
  • How to have a great conversation with as little work as possible
  • Why being in the moment makes you so attractive
  • How and why to approach, compliment, and walk away from a very attractive woman
  • Ways to meet women in groups without a wing man
  • Instead of getting her phone number, how to get her to take yours

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