What Success Looks Like

by Eric Disco
Nov 7


See the top of this chart? It’s not a point, it’s an arrow. That’s not an accident.

Here’s a secret that “successful” people won’t tell you: when you get to the “top” you don’t feel like you’re at the top. In fact, the higher you climb, often the further it seems you have to go.

The best guys I know have an intensity, a hunger for more. Success does that to you. Once you taste a little, you start to want more. And more.

You hit setbacks, where your success seems to dip. But you zoom out and look over the big picture of your life.

And you realize that to move forward, taking a few steps backwards is not only inevitable, it’s part of the process.

You discover limitations you never knew you had. So you put your head down and work past it.

Humility is your greatest ally.

Perhaps one of the best gifts about knowing guys who are some of the best in the world when it comes to women, is seeing how human they are.

They’re not superman.

They have just as many failures, if not more. They get lazy. They get stupid. They get their hearts broken as well.

And they still struggle like all the rest, pushing forward, onward and upward, despite adversity.

That’s what success looks like.


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