This is Not for Normal Guys

by Eric Disco
Mar 2

A client of mine, after running around for hours in the winter cold trying to meet women, came to a realization.

“This is not for normal guys,” he told me.

And he’s right.

Going out and talking to attractive strangers in public is not for normal guys.

It’s not for guys who quit easily. Guys without willpower.

Guys who aren’t willing to do the work, day in, day out, whether they happen to feel it in the moment or not.

This is not for the faint of heart. Guys who want what they’ve always gotten. Guys who are happy with where they are in life.

This is not for guys who settle. Guys who shudder at the thought of embarrassing themselves.

Guys who aren’t willing to go through a little pain to become better men.

Guys who quit easily.

This is not for normal guys.


In a hospital bed one day, you will lie old and dying. Surrounded by friends and family. Or maybe all alone.

You will have either been successful…

Or will lie there, making up excuses about all the reasons you couldn’t have been successful:

All the obstacles the world threw in your path. All the hardship and struggle that you alone had to deal with.

That other men didn’t.

“I did what I could,” you’ll tell yourself.

“No one could have done anything else with what I was given,” you’ll think.

With what I had. What I was. What I knew. My situation.

I was a normal guy. A mere mortal.

And the world won’t blame you. The world won’t expect any more from you.

The world will tell you exactly what you want to hear:

“You did the best with what you were given.”


And it will be a lie.

The sweetest lie ever told.


This is not for normal guys.

Normal guys don’t go out and talk to women on the street.

Normal guys do it the way it should be done. Normal guys hide behind screens in the safety of their own homes.

Normal guys try it out

And quit if it doesn’t work right away.


This isn’t for normal guys.

This is not a painless, perfect way to meet women.


But after all the struggle

When she lights up with a smile

When she gives you her phone number

When a girl sexier than you’ve ever dated before goes out on a date with you

When you walk her to the door leaving your apartment in the morning

After an amazing night

You’ll kiss her goodbye

Watch her walk down the hall

And as you close the door you’ll think to yourself:

This is not for normal guys.


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