This is not for everyone

by Eric Disco
Aug 3

This is not for everyone.  

Some men don’t want to know their own limits, the limits of their attractiveness, the limits of their ability to make friends, the limits of their ability to bring women into their life.

Some men would rather sit home in that comfortable place where they are.

When you go out and start conversations with women you don’t know, you’ll find out all the women that won’t date you.

You’ll find out all the women who aren’t attracted to you.

All the women who think you aren’t interesting enough.

All the women who think you’re too old.

Too short.

Too ugly.

Too boring.

Too poor.

Why put yourself through that when you could settle for what you’ve got, settle for what you’ve always gotten?

Is it worth it to be able to shoot your shot with any woman you see anywhere?

Is it that much of a reward when you get your first phone number after approaching 50 women?

Is it that meaningful when you get a date with a woman after approaching 100 women?

Why not take the easy way out and do something like online dating where you don’t have to improve yourself as a human being?

Where you don’t have to get past your deepest fears.

Where you don’t have to fight against your body.

Why become the man who can balance a moment on the edge of a knife and move forward, pushing against every natural instinct in his body telling him not to do it?

Why would a man purposely put himself into a position where he would feel like the entire world is heaping shame upon him for daring to be a man that’s attracted to a woman?

To open his mouth to speak to a woman, and have her looks at you as if to say, “How dare you?”

Why would a man who may be successful in other parts of his life put himself through the indignity of learning how to talk to women he doesn’t know?

Why would he make himself feel like he’s back in kindergarten again like he doesn’t know a single thing, his body uncoordinated like a toddler’s as he walks up to her and tries to open his mouth?     

In the movie Troy, the beautiful Trojan Briseis, captured by the attacking army, sits in the company of the greatest warrior ever known, Achilles. After questioning him and accusing him of being nothing but a killer, she realizes he’s more than just a brute.

“What do you want, Achilles?” she asks him. He turns to her.

“I want what all men want, I just want it more.”


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