"This book… will truly generate results for people suffering from approach anxiety."

by Eric Disco
May 16

Hey Guys,

Things are moving pretty fast now with my new book and training program, She’s Six Steps Away.

First off, we now have an official launch date and time:

Tuesday, May 22nd at 4 PM Eastern

As I write this, it is just six days away!

It has been a long road, and I still have a few details to square away.

But it is going to be a huge relief to get this launched and get it out into your hands.

Early reviews for the book are coming back and they are exciting!

There’s a reason for that:

This program is gound-breaking in it’s simplicity. It teaches you how to do one single thing: start conversations with women you don’t know.

This is not the entire piece of the puzzle when it comes to women, but it is the first step and most important step.


It’s almost impossible to practice any of these other skills discussed here if you can’t consistently get into conversations with new women.

The problem is that so many guys just can’t make the leap. They have too much anxiety too walk up to a woman and start talking with her.

If that’s you, you’re not alone.

Over and over I’ve seen this as the biggest stumbling block for guys who try to improve with women. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to helping guys get past this hurdle.

It is possible and I’ve seen guys do it over and over.

I’ve coached over 40 guys through my Six Step Method program.

All these guys, including ones with crippling anxiety, have gotten past their fear.

For these guys, starting conversations with women is an natural, automatic process, something they do every day now.

She’s Six Steps Away is based on my client sessions, guys exactly like you.

Here is a review I just got back:

“Where your method really shines is the way you advocate a step-by-step progression of small and manageable actions that build a safe and gradual feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence.

The use of graded exposure is the best way to overcome any anxiety, and extending that framework so it continues into the interaction is also helpful to relieve the tension of where to lead a conversation.

We’re not just handed a bunch of tricky lines and techniques and thrown out into the wild with a pat on the back and a “good luck, son”.

These are a concrete progression of steps to help us improve, and in the process, have some fun.

It’s possible you may get flak from some who might argue that your process is too rudimentary. “This won’t get me laid” etc.

But then they probably don’t understand what some of us have had to battle with. You do.

And as this book is designed specifically as an introduction to the approach, yours is the kind of book that will truly generate results for people suffering from approach anxiety.

Thankfully, this 6 step method has made me excited about getting out there again, it’s made me enthusiastic about taking action.

But perhaps most importantly, it’s made me appreciate the fact that I can enjoy the process of connecting with attractive women.

Thanks for a really great read.”

– Mark Shew, Dallas, TX

The program is available for a limited time.

Get your copy here while you still can:



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