There Must Be Something Wrong With You

by Eric Disco
Oct 21

coffee2Deep down inside, there must be something inherently wrong with you.

You’re sure of it.

It has to do with how you experience life. The way you experience other people.

You know there’s more out there. You’ve tasted it.

For moments at a time, you experienced the joy of interacting with a woman you are madly attracted to.

She looked at you, for a moment. And for a moment you tasted it.

The Pickup Community promised you the world. Devious ways to win her heart.

You can change, they told you. They gave you the words. You adopted a new personality.

But weeks later you forgot the magic words and you’re back to square one.

And now you stand there and you look at how far you’ve come.

You look at where you’re at. And here, it seems, is not that much different than there.

You are still you. And all those beautiful women are still out of your reach.

What if you can’t change?

What if it is impossible to change?

What if everything they told you was a lie?

What if it was more of the same lie you were fed all your life instead of something new?

But what if, just what if…

You are perfect the way you are.

You already possess every single tool you will ever need inside of you.

You already know how to attract women far sexier than you ever imagined.

That knowledge is inside of you, locked in your body.

coffee3You can memorize as many lines, routines, and words as you want, but you will forget them.

Becoming great with women, as much as you’ve thought and thought and thought about it, was never something you could memorize.

It is something that you learn with your body.

Your fear feels like a brick wall. Your fear keeps you from walking up to that amazing woman you don’t know.

Your mind lies to you. It adeptly generates five million excuses as to why you shouldn’t talk to that girl.

And if you do talk to her, your mind shuts down. Your mind becomes a blank slate.

And then your mind calls you a loser. Says you can’t do it. And you never could.

But you can do it.

And you always could.

The ‘magic’ is in your bones, as old as time itself.

With my brand-new Charismatic Confidence mentoring program, I don’t give you a new personality or feed you complex things to say. Because that stuff wears off.

The kind of change that is lasting and permanent is the change you learn with your body.

It’s all about body language. People react emotionally to body language.

You could have the best thing in the world to say to a woman. But if you are running at her at a thousand miles an hour, ready to crash into her, guess what?

She’s going to run away.

Instead, you want to walk up to that amazing woman in a way that generates attraction instantly, before you even open your mouth.

Body language is the ultimate social skill and there is no way to learn it out of a book.

Social skills need to be learned in a social environment.

If you truly want to learn how to turn a woman on just by walking up to her then it’s time to sign up for my Charismatic Confidence mentoring program right now.

Slots are filling up fast.

Eric Disco


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