Then Her Boyfriend Walks Up

by Eric Disco
Jun 12

I’m in the bookstore.  I see this cute girl walking ahead of me.

She has tight skinny gray hipster jeans on, auburn hair and dorky glasses.

She walks into the card section.

I walk over behind her.

I couldn’t think of much to say so I say “Hey, do you know where I can find a card for a bachelor party?”

She lights up with a smile and says “Oooh… I don’t know…”

“What kind of card do you get someone for a bachelor party,” she says.
She was friendly, looking around for me.

“Maybe a condolence card?” I say.

“Maybe…” she says.

“You’re awesome,” I banter with her. “I’m gonna hire you as my personal shopper.”

She giggles.

“You know,” I say, “I get the feeling you’re not from around here.”

She says she grew up here.

“Really?” I say.  “I don’t know why I get the vibe that you’re from California.  You’re just laid back and chill, not like New Yorkers.”

“I actually go to school in california,” she says.

“Oh yeah?  Where?  Wait don’t tell me, let me guess.  San Francisco?”

She says “No, L.A.  But you probably would have guessed there next.”

“Oh wait, don’t tell me, you’re not a drama queen, are you?”  I say.

She laughs and says “Yeah, I’m studying drama!”

“Oh no, I gotta stay away from you!” I say.

“But I study music too!”

“Well, at least there’s that,” I say.

We start to talk about music, what kind of music she does.

“What’s your inspiration for writing songs?” I say. “Do you need some guy to break your heart?  Cuz I’m really good at that.”

“No, that’s why I’m taking classes, so you don’t need to do that!”

Then this guy walks up.

I introduce myself to him. I can tell it’s probably her boyfriend.

“Do you make music too?” I ask him.

She turns to him and says “Oh my god, he totally guessed that I’m from L.A. and that I make music!”

But it wasn’t in an explanation way, it was as if she were truly impressed that I had made any kind of connection with her at all.

“Well, you guys enjoy your day,” I say as I walk off.


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