The Worst Thing That Can Happen To You

by Eric Disco
Aug 31

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Today we have a guest post brought to you by “Drift.”

I’m envious of you guys who are learning this stuff young.

If you stick with it and get rid of limiting beliefs that you have, you will avoid the one thing in life that you can’t do anything about…

Deep, dark, crushing regret.

You see, I knew for sure that I was just not a very good looking guy.

No question about it.

For as far back as I can remember, girls just didn’t seem to have much interest in me.

I eventually got married to the second girl I had sex with.

When that broke up after 14 years, I still had no idea about women.

I tried to go out, but when you know for CERTAIN that you are just not very good looking, then you don’t try too hard.

You expect to fail and you do.

Fast forward many years and I stumble upon The Game and start to read about pickup.

14 months later I’m now 53 (hurts to just write that number!) and I’ve taken a bootcamp, read tons of stuff, watched a lot of Lance Mason’s programs, gone out and practiced and my life has completely changed.

I’ve dated a ton of girls (strippers, execs, you name it) and am now exclusively dating a hot 27 year-old 5’9″ Asian girl who used to model.

It turns out that I WAS FULL OF SHIT!!

I was scared and making excuses and in the process I convinced myself that I was ugly because girls didn’t jump out of moving vehicles to meet me.

I’m finally realizing at the age of 53, that I’m a hot guy! My girlfriend describes me as ridiculously good looking.

Her friends agree and have joked about threesomes or borrowing me, and these girls are hot – they get hit on constantly.

They truly feel that I am a hot, sexy, desireable man.

The point here is….FUCK! All those wasted years, the fun I could have had, the girls I could have made happy.

I’m certainly making up for lost time and loving life–but the regret of what could have been is heavy.

If you are just getting into this, stop for 30 seconds and consider–what if all the things that you truly believe in your heart that are holding you back are just not true?

What if it is all in your control? What if it always has been? What if your problems with women are not just cursed fate or bad luck?

It’s a damn hard thing to consider.

Don’t wait until you are 50 to figure out that you’ve missed 30 years of great women because you believed something that was not true about yourself and it was nobody’s fault but your own.

Trust me… it sucks.

I’m not pushing any one method here. I like Lance Mason’s stuff, but you might like some other style.

I’ve learned from several coaches from different pickup camps.

You will eventually adjust the style to your personality and probably wind up in the same place no matter what path you take.

Just pick one and start! Do something! Get better little by little. And in a year you might not recognize your life.


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