The Only Difference Between a Rut and a Grave is Depth

by Eric Disco
Sep 7

Oh Jesus. This reminds me I need to hit the gym. A friend sends this great article about working out that relates in a hundred ways to getting out there and meeting women: Merry Christmas, Bob – By Chris Shugart.

You want to know what it is we do? We overcome. We’re too busy to train, too, but we overcome.

We’re too busy to prepare healthy meals and eat them five or six times a day, but we overcome.

We can’t always afford supplements, our genetics aren’t perfect, and we don’t always feel like going to the gym.

Some of us used to be just like you, Bob, but guess what? We’ve overcome.

This is your chance, your big opportunity to break out of that rut. If you don’t show up, Bob, you’ve learned a very important lesson about yourself, haven’t you? You won’t like that lesson.

You won’t like that feeling in the pit of your stomach either or that taste in your mouth. It will taste worse than defeat, Bob.

Defeat tastes pretty goddamned nasty, but what you’ll be experiencing will be much worse. It will be the knowledge that you’re weak, mentally and physically.

What’s worse is that you’ll have accepted that feeling. The feeling will always be with you.

In the happiest moments of your life, it’ll be there, lying under the surface like a malignant tumor. Ignore it at your own peril, Bob.

I think Bob is just stuck in a rut, and as the saying goes, the only difference between a rut and a grave is depth.

The way out of the rut is to make major changes in your life, most of which won’t be too pleasant in the beginning.


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