The Magic of Push/Pull

by Eric Disco
Apr 10

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In Weekly Challenge that just went out, (you can sign up here) we talk about push/pull.

Here is a great video where a comedian/magician takes push/pull to another level.

The part where he does push/pull starts at around 1:38:

“What’s your name, princess?”


“Really? My wife’s called Stacey.” (strong push because he is disqualifying himself as a suitor.)

“Well… we’re not really married. In fact… we’ve only just met.” (strong pull because he implies they are going to get married and pulls out fake flowers.)

“Only kidding, only kidding. You haven’t got a chance.” (strong push because he’s saying she’s not good enough for him)

Now, bonus round. Can anyone pick out where he does some nice disqualification while he’s getting interviewed by the host?


He starts to eat a banana when the interviewer is talking to him.

How is this disqualification?

Typically, when youÃÓe being interviewed, you are very respectful of the interviewer, particularly in his situation where heÃÔ being judged and heÃÔ on TV. He pulls out a banana and starts eating it as if he doesnÃÕ give a shit.

This is actually not bad at all to do around a woman. Pull out a piece of fruit and start eating it. It shows you just donÃÕ care what she thinks of you.

In Oceans 11 (if I remember the number correctly), Brad Pitt first meets up with everyone. ItÃÔ this super serious tense situation where everyone is about to discuss something huge.

And Brad Pitt is eating an apple like he doesnÃÕ give a shit.


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