The Importance of Looks to Women

by Eric Disco
Jun 4

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A while ago, I was out to dinner with a really hot girl I was seeing.

I asked her a question.

“How important are looks to women?”

“Have you ever dated a guy that wasn’t as hot as me?” I said with a wink.

She started talking about a previous guy she’d dated, a “friend” of hers she described as a natural…

“This guy was not so great in the looks department,” she said, “But he walks into bars like he’s the hottest guy in there.

And everyone buys it.

They’re like “That’s the hottest guy in the whole bar!”

He’s got a huge red-haired Irish afro and is pasty and white and short and probably could drink less beer and work out more.

I’m being honest. He would agree with me.

But he has no qualms about how he looks. He’s 100% confident about who he is.

Things that someone describe in him as unattractive, he didn’t worry about those things.

He’s so confident about how he looks, it isn’t even something you think about.

He’ll wear plaid suits into bars and still everyone wants to talk to him.

He doesn’t care.

It’s how he carries himself.

He’s not gorgeous but he carries himself in a way that reads as drop-dead model gorgeous.

He has amazing posture. It’s very look-at-me posture, like I’m not afraid for you to look at me.

At no point does he ever apologize with his body.

It’s open.

It’s confident.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him cross his arms in his entire life. He’s wide open.

He puts his hands out in the air all the time. He’s just incredibly confident with his body.

The way he interacts with people is incredible. He’s really good at picking on people in a way that makes them want to talk to him more.

I think that’s the biggest thing that makes him hot. He’s not afraid. He doesn’t care.

One time, we were in this shitty shitty neighborhood. And he parked his car and bumped the car behind us and the car in front of us.

There were all these thugs on the corner. And they were like “You just hit my car!”

I was thinking, oh god, we’re going to get shot.

And he yells “That’s what bumpers are for!”

And they’re all like “Heh heh heh, that’s funny! You wanna hang out!”

I was like, what just happened?

The way he said it wasn’t like ¡Æoops, my bad,’ it was like ¡ÆNo damage was done, whatever.’

We were in an elevator once and he started talking to this woman with a baby. At first she was nervous.

But by the time we got to the ground floor she was holding the elevator to keep talking to him.

He just really enjoys talking to people. He just likes learning things about strangers.

He’s actually interested in people, and because of that they’re like ‘cool!’ and flattered and they want to talk to him.

He’s great with women. He’s a real ladies man. All the girls love him. They’re all about it.

As much as he’s a big baller in the bar, he’s also just really funny and chill.

He could always keep things light and fun but wasn’t afraid of having a serious conversation.

A lot of guys are scared of their emotions. But with him, if he felt a way about something, he would let you know, even if it were something that was upsetting to him.

He could be incredibly sincere without trying to be sincere. The people who were his friends were like ¡ÆThat’s the guy to go to.'”


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