The Elegant, Easy Way to Meet Women – Interview with Stephen Nash

by Eric Disco
Sep 25

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In this fantastic interview with Stephen Nash, a.k.a. Playboy L.A. from The Game, we discuss an approach to meeting women that few people are talking about.

We talk about how to tackle approach anxiety and use your skills to build a social circle social that incorporates women naturally into your life.

  • A better way to meet women than approaching strangers
  • How to develop a lifestyle that naturally puts you in front of women.
  • Why women act differently in clubs and bars than they normally act
  • How to take advantage of social circles to meet the best women
  • Where to go to meet women (hint: it’s not bars and clubs)
  • How to develop your social circle
  • Use someone’s script or going unscripted? How about a third, better way!
  • What will get you introduced to women, by women
  • The way to find the coolest, most interesting events and parties in your town

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