The Ballsiest Pickup Move I've Ever Witnessed

by Eric Disco
May 27 has a great thread, What’s the ballsiest pickup move you’ve witnessed?

A lot of interesting posts, especially interesting because it’s not coming from the pickup community.

One of my favorites:

I was introduced to a superhot girl at a party once in college and instead of the usual nice-to-meet-you I told her, “I hate you more than anything I’ve ever hated in my life. You are a stain on the earth.”

She laughed and responded with a similar sentiment. I laughed and we drifted into other conversations with other people. Every time we bumped into each other that night we would up the ante.

“You are the foulest excuse for a human ever.”

“Just the thought of you turns my stomach. I hope you die of cancer.”

People were giving us weird looks. She wound up going home with me. Good times.


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