"That girl is way too hot to approach."

by Eric Disco
Aug 8

I’m not in the mood today. Not in the mood to think about my routine stack, what I could say and not say, how to be more animated, how to generate attraction. Just not in the mood. I don’t feel like being funny. I don’t feel like trying.

It’s time for my set though and so I head out to the park. I feel a slight anxiety as I prowl girls going by. I’m getting better at this, better at spotting hot girls. When you pass enough girls that are close but just don’t cut it, all of a sudden you see one that cuts it and you better move.

I’m walking through the park and I see this super cute girl sitting at a table alone. The first thing that runs through my mind is “That girl is way too hot to approach.” I begin to silence the negative self-talk. But before my anxiety can spike my body is turning and walking toward her.

One thing I’ve been doing lately when I see a hot girl, even if I don’t open her, I walk toward her. I don’t even think. I walk in her direction and at least get to where I could possibly open her.

Why? This gets my body used to walking up to unbelievably hot girls. Part of overcoming anxiety is GETTING YOUR BODY MOVING.

The same can be said for asking a girl for directions and leaving it at that. Sometimes I have just as much anxiety asking a girl for directions as I have if I full-on and open her. But I do it and it gets me used to talking to smoking hot girls.

So I get to her table. I’m truly nervous but it’s all under control. I’m enjoying this nervousness.

“I was… just headed back to work and… I… wanted to come say hi. My name’s eric.”

She introduces herself and we talk for a second or two before I ask if I can sit down. She says yes.

She’s friendly and smiling the whole time, I make her laugh a few times. But the conversation is a little boring. I’ll take the blame for that.

We end up parting ways and I don’t even ask for a number or a day two. But it doesn’t matter whether I hit the target. I pulled the bow back and let loose the arrow.


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