I am a thief.

I admit it.

I'll take anything I hear and try it out with women.

If I hear a friend say or do something that seems like it will work, I try it out.

If I read something that seems effective, I’ll see if it works for me.

I’m shameless like that.

I talk to women every single day and try things out with them.

I even steal things from myself.

If I do something by accident that works. I keep doing it. If it doesn’t work, I stop doing it.

Women have even accused me of stealing their hearts.


I'm lucky. Most guys can't do that.

They come up with a plan to talk with women, but they can’t simply “try it out.”

Wouldn't it be great if you could learn how to get better with women like you learn how to play basketball?

You throw the ball at the hoop. If you miss, you take another shot.

Eventually, with enough practice, you get good at basketball.

Or learning to play guitar...

You play a chord. If it’s the wrong chord, you move your hand and play the right one.

With enough practice, you get good at playing guitar.

It’d be great if you could do the same thing with women...

You see a gorgeous woman at a museum. You walk up and talk to her.

If she she's not interested, you walk away and talk with another woman.

But most guys can’t do this.

Even if you come up with a great plan, when you see that woman, and your body takes over.

You can't take action.

She may be a complete stranger. But when you think about talking with her, you’re paralyzed.

  • You come up with a million reasons why you shouldn’t do it.
  • You don’t know what to say.
  • Whatever you do think of saying just doesn’t seem good enough.

And the biggest problem: When you do get into a conversation with a gorgeous woman...

You can’t be yourself.

You trip over your words and can’t act confident. That awesome you gets locked up inside every time you think about talking with her.

You and I know that this is not just about hooking up with women.

It’s about your ability to get out there and meet the woman you really want...

...not just someone who’s “good enough.”

The harsh truth is:

If you don’t make a change right now, you won’t meet the woman of your dreams. 

And if you do happen to meet her, you won’t be ready for her.

That’s why you need a guaranteed roadmap. One that's simple to follow. One that won't allow you to deviate from your path to success with women.

Well, you’ve just found it!

For the past four years I've been developing a program to help guys get past their anxiety.

Who Am I ?

I'm Eric Disco.

I founded ApproachAnxiety.com in 2006.

I am the creator of ‘The Six Step Method’ coaching program.

The Six Step Method has gotten rave reviews from guys struggling to get past their fear of approaching women.

In fact, it’s what got me featured on CNN and Psychology Today.

Now, I’m booked months in advance by clients who fly in from all over the United States and Canada to get personal one-on-one coaching from me.

I have gone on to become a leading authority in the dating and relationship community. I teach countless others how to move past fear and approach women.

Today, I'm here to help you do the same.

Now, let’s get right into what you need to know: how to get out there and meet the women you want, no matter how much fear of approaching you have.

This is where most people go wrong:

They try to meditate, hypnotize themselves or simply force themselves to not feel or think certain things.

Your feelings won’t change by forcing them. And you won’t just “naturally” start to feel better about approaching women.

You won’t feel differently after you get new clothes, a new haircut, a new apartment, move to a new country or wait until summer rolls around.

A new job will not make you feel any different about approaching women.

I coach heart surgeons, lawyers, construction workers, students, stand up comedians and millionaires... and it wasn't their jobs that gave them the confidence to approach women.

Everything you do, when it comes to getting past your fear, will be based on one thing: actions and actions alone.

You don't have to force yourself to believe anything.

Once you begin to accept your feelings, no matter what they are, you can focus on what’s important: taking action in the real world.

So, what action is that?

Well, focus carefully, because the answer to this next question is important:

What would your life be like if you had no fear of approaching women, if you didn't worry about embarrassment or rejection?  

Before you say you would live in a harem with 97 women all wearing genie pants, think specifically what your day average day would look like:

  • Would you talk with women on your way to work/school?
  • On your lunch hour? (Don’t forget to eat lunch)
  • Would you go out after work/school to meet women?
  • Would you specifically go out during the day or at night to talk with women?

This is the action you would take if you had no fear.

That action is your goal. Your goal isn’t to get rid of uncomfortable feelings, but to be able to take action and live the kind of life you want to live.

So, how do we get to this place?

When you take the right kind of action, your feelings can help you with women.

Just any action will NOT get you to this place. You must take a very specific type of action.

You could go out and push yourself to approach 1000 women and still not make any progress in feeling better about talking with women.

In fact, you could feel worse.

Doing this in a way that makes you feel terrible could set you back monthseven years.

If you try to do something over and over and hate it while you're doing it, you will only fail.

Trust me, I've done it before, and it's not fun. Constantly feeling failure is the worst thing!

For this to work, you need to enjoy what you're doing.

That means: Starting slowly and building your confidence up like a muscle.

Doing something manageable every day and training your body like an athlete trains his body.

Day by day, you get stronger and stronger...

...and as you get stronger, the challenges increase.

You build up a daily habit of taking initiative with women so that pretty soon, you don’t even need to think about it anymore...

...so that soon...

Talking to women you’re attracted to is as natural to you as tying your shoes.

Do you know how to tie your shoes?

Of course, tying your shoe laces is a natural habit to you now…

BUT initially someone had to show you how to do it right a few times.

They took the time and demonstrated exactly how to make a loop, how to cross it over and how to pull the knot tight.

The first time, you did it slowly and gradually.

As you practiced it daily, tying your shoes became second nature to you…

Something you no longer needed to think about.

Meeting women can be almost as easy and natural to you as tying your shoes.

When you have someone who’s been there and actually done it successfully to take you through the entire step-by-step process…

It becomes something you don’t even think about…

You just do it!

This allows you to “approach without approaching,” so it feels like you aren’t doing anything at all.


You don’t have to be a world class player to get world class results.

In fact, the more you feel — the better. You’ll learn how to make your feelings work for you instead of against you.

You’ll go through a series of incremental steps that become more challenging at your own pace.

The key is gradual steps.

Each step must be socially more challenging than the step before it and...

Each step builds on the step before it.

You practice being yourself in front of women so that after a while, your inhibitions are destroyed... and you can be who you are and present yourself in a way that allows you to attract women.

You start off with something very simple—almost too easy—and move on to more challenging situations as you gain confidence and comfort.

That’s the key.

For years I’ve been taking individuals through this exact system, called The Six Step Method.

My entire method is now available in an award-winning book called...

She's Six Steps Away

Three years in the making and based on actual client coaching sessions, She's Six Steps Away gives you absolute clarity on why you’re taking each step.

This simple and effective system moves you on to incrementally more challenging situations at your own pace.

Each step has specially designed exercises to improve your confidence around women slowly and gradually without feeling desperate or needy, or using manipulative lines and tactics.

Whether you're looking to get a girlfriend...

Date a lot of women...

...or you just want to be a more social person, this system is an indispensible first step.

It shows you how to meet women in any situation--and connect on a deep level.

She's Six Steps Away teaches you how to meet women in any situation:

  • On the Street
  • At Bars
  • In Parks
  • At Supermarkets
  • In Cafes
  • At Museums
  • On Public Transportation

There's nothing out there that teaches you from the ground up like this.

This is Training Like No Other

You'll discover:

  • How to get past the fear of rejection and meet that woman, even if you have never been able to approach a single woman before.
  • The secrets to go from 'hello' to meaningful conversations with women fast.
  • A focused plan of action that's easy to implement (and will keep you motivated for the long term)

  • The most effective way to get past inhibition and talk to women without depending on the approval and acceptance of women

  • How to tap into who you are as a person to become authentically more attractive to women
  • Conversational strategies proven to work anywhere in the world, no matter how attractive she is
  • The universal do's and don'ts of body language so you don't creep her out and come on too strong
  • Tactical exercises to keep the momentum going in conversations while being genuine and sincere
  • The exact words to say at every step of the way (and it won't be cheesy or manipulative)
  • How to not care so much about what happens in every single interaction
  • What to do when you do feel rejected or embarrassed

Everything You Need to Get Past Your Fear of Approaching Women

The core training is divided into 6 weeks:


Week 1: Acclimate Yourself to the Environment

You live at home. But you don’t truly live at home. You live in the world.
True living means to step outside into the world where there are other living, breathing people.
Week1 is the most important step in getting past fear. I give you everything you need to know to build a rock-solid foundation for meeting women.
In Week 1 you’ll discover:

  • Why even “the most socially awkward” are able to become comfortable around strangers and how you can do it in the shortest time possible
  • How a simple adjustment in your routine can make meeting women addictive and easy instead of agonizing
  • How to have presence wherever you go, from supermarkets to late-night clubs
  • How to make this fun and enjoyable so that you naturally want to go out and continue it
  • The top places to meet women and detailed strategies on getting comfortable so you feel and appear confident


Week 2: Eliminate Your Hesitation

Hesitation is the biggest problem when it comes to meeting women. Hesitation kills your courage.

If you have no fear of meeting women, your feet move toward her right when you see her. If you don’t, you start to think too much. The more you think, the more worried you get about bad things happening.
Step 2 is the solution to hesitation.
In Week 2 you’ll discover:

  • The most overlooked “yet simple” reason why most men find it hard to get near to a gorgeous woman and the easiest method to overcome it
  • The biggest secret--that no one talks about--to stop thinking when you feel attraction for a woman, and act instead
  • How to go from feeling scared when you see attractive women, to feeling excited
  • One-and-only proven-effective way to handle eye contact without causing her to feel uncomfortable
  • How to handle the toughest situations like a pro (without having to think about what to do)
  • Little-known strategies of body space and comfort zones and what you must avoid


Week 3: Destroy Outcome Dependency

“Not caring” what happens when you talk with a woman is the ultimate mind-set. Women know it and love you for it.
The problem is that it’s not easy to just “not care” when you talk with a woman. Even if you decide you don’t care what happens, your body locks up and you can’t be yourself.
Step 3 gives the solution for when you care to much.

In Week 3 you’ll discover:

  • The only way to teach your body to relax in interactions with gorgeous women without thinking.
  • 41 simple ways to say something to a woman no matter what the situation
  • “Real-life” insights into bouncing back from a negative reaction and how to teach yourself to not care what happens.
  • Why being clever can ruin your chances with her, and what to do instead
  • The 12 critical elements of conversation starters that you can’t afford to skip over if you want to know what to say in bookstores, parks, supermarkets, coffee shops and more… without coming off as a complete weirdo
  • An “almost magic” way to handle those moments like a pro when you’re at a loss for words
  • The single most important body language and subtle form of communication to take when you speak with her for the first time


Week 4: Escalate the Interaction

You ask a woman a question on the street. You feel like you don’t want to bother her. So you leave quickly.
Step 4 teaches you how to stay in the conversation longer so that you start to relax when talking with women.

Then, your real personality shines through. This builds true attraction with women.

In Week 4 you’ll discover:

  • How to take the barest glimmer of a conversation and turn it into a lengthy exchange when it seems momentum is waning
  • Seven incredibly easy ways to get her to open up to you and stay in an interaction longer
  • Exactly how to position your body to make you feel and look comfortable talking with her
  • How to talk to her without getting too personal too fast
  • The do’s and don’ts of conversation to get better (and faster) results.
  • How to get her to stay longer by asking a very different type of question
  • How to listen to her reaction without jumping ahead

Week 5: Have Meaningful Conversation 

To get to know someone, you go beyond small talk and find out things about her as a person. Things she cares about deeply.
Sometimes meaningful conversation happens naturally. She asks you a personal question. Or says something personal about herself.
A lot of times though, even if she likes you, she doesn’t know what to do. Now, you can take the lead. Step 5 shows you how.
In Week 5 you’ll discover:

  • How to effortlessly get her to open up and reveal herself while preventing her walls from going up
  • 5 highly effective and natural ways to deepen a conversation without intruding or sounding desperate
  • How to never again be left hanging in a conversation when you use these 6 statements that are proven to work time and time again
  • One simple method that anyone can use to gain longer, more specific answers from the questions you ask (use this and you will be talking for hours)
  • How to “gamble in your favor” so that you find out if you like her right away
  • As simple-as-pie method to end conversations and exit an interaction painlessly
  • How to pick up on things she says to naturally flow the conversation to intimate places


Week 6: Get Her Hooked on You 

To get her “hooked” on you, you’ll go beyond facts and get her to reveal her emotions.

When she starts to talk about her feelings, she sees you differently because you understand her.

This step is the key to get her to want to see you again and again.
In Week 6 you’ll discover:

  • How to develop familiarity so quickly she feels like she’s know you all her life
  • 3 simple techniques to get her to stop thinking and start feeling
  • The most important way to tell whether you are connecting with her
  • The easiest way to establish good “chemistry” with her so that she openly shares her past and relives those feelings with you
  • The single best time to exchange names so she feels like she earned it
  • 3 key topics that are important to every woman
  • How to get her to ask questions about you
  • How long to wait before asking for her number and what you must do before you get it
  • 2 important traps to avoid when you get emotional with her


Special Section: Unstoppable Direct Opening

Getting into a conversation is one thing. Revealing your interest in her is another thing entirely.

When you are direct with women, your emotions can help you. When you don’t hide your intentions, you can stop thinking and act 100% on your sexuality.

Your excitement begins to add to the experience. She senses your vulnerability and is vulnerable in return.

This chapter teaches you how to be direct when first talking with a woman.

In this chapter you’ll discover:
  • A quiet, “unobtrusive” and even innocent way to make a women smile the very first time you talk to her
  • My favorite way to be direct, a technique I created which was absolutely essential for getting past my own fear of approaching women
  • How to get women to light up with a huge smile when you first talk with them
  • A great way to stop walking women on the street that almost nobody knows about yet works almost 100% of the time
  • How to “neutralize” thinking which gets in the way and use that energy to take action that gets results
  • How to be direct in a way that gets her to open up and continue into a conversation
  • The definitive guide to know when to be direct or indirect


Special Section: Embarrassment and Rejection 

Few people realize, what you do after an interaction is almost as important as what you do before.

For most guys, a bad interaction has an emotional cost. If something goes wrong, you think about it over and over and over. This prevents you from wanting to take action again.
This is why feeling good about yourself after an interaction is the most important part of this game. If you feel great after every conversation, no matter what, you feel great talking with anyone.

In this chapter you’ll discover:

  • The easiest way to ensure future success instead of re-processing past situations over and over
  • 7 simple (yet highly effective) methods of dealing with embarrassment and rejection
  •  How to prevent the “quick sand” consequence that comes from trying to learn your lesson and how to avoid self-sabotage
  • A curious “mystery follow up exercise” that makes future interactions much easier
  • How to end interactions on your own terms so you feel great
  • The truth behind why some positive interactions can leave you feeling bad and exactly what to do to overcome and press on

And, most importantly...

I've Removed All the Guess Work...

By showing you exactly what to do and say, every step of the way!

At the end of every week, you have a simple checklist of actions to take.

So you won’t even need to think about it when you see that gorgeous girl...

You’ll just automatically take action!

She's Six Steps Away is a smart and simple process you can follow that won't leave you frustrated, wondering where things are going wrong.

Take a listen to what others are saying and...

Special Introductory Price Only $97 $47

The life-changing book “She’s Six Steps Away” is available to you as a downloadable manual (or eBook) directly accessible from the Internet.

The eBook can be viewed on your monitor or printed out with no problem.

The audio (see below) are professionally recorded in MP3 format – perfect for you to listen to on your iPhone, iPod, mp3 player or on any computer.

Bonus #1: In-Field Audio Demonstrations of Interactions with Women

It’s one thing to tell you what to do…
...and another thing to show you!

Now, as a limited-time special bonus for this book, I’m including something special.

I went out and recorded actual interactions with gorgeous women.

For every instruction I give you of what you can say to women, I recorded an actual conversation.

You get to hear:

  • My Voice Tone and Delivery
  • How Women Reacted
  • How I Dealt with her Reaction
  • Conversations from Open to Close
You get to hear me interact with over 130 different women!

Some of the interactions are short.

Others go all the way. You get the audio from all of them.

These street recordings demonstrate exactly how to carry out every aspect of The Six Step Method.

The in-field audio is a course in itself, but you get this training with your order.

Bonus #2: Masters of Approaching - The Interview Sessions

For each of the Six Steps in my program, I interviewed the best gurus on the planet. These are literally the best guys in the world when it comes to women.

How do I know?

I’ve seen them all in action. I’ve worked closely with them. And I’ve learned a ton from these guys.

They include:

  • Glenn P, ranked one of the best pickup-artists in the world
  • John “Awaken” Keegan
    , who was featured in the New York Times
  • Cory Skyy, one of the best naturals in the world
  • Brad P, ranked the best pickup artist in the world 2010
  • Lance Mason, from Pickup 101
  • Hurricane Lee, expert dating coach
  • Robbie Kramer, from Inner Confidence

And more.

To sit these guys down in a personal one-on-one coaching session you’re going to pay upwards of hundreds to thousands of dollars. You get their guidance along with “She’s Six Steps Away”.

Each guru covers one of the steps I'm teaching.



Eric Disco's 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your purchase is Risk-Free.

Any feelings of skepticism you may have about investing in this product are completely normal. This is why I put all the risk on me.

You have 60 full days to test drive the entire course and put it into full action.

If you do not get the results you expected, or you feel this course was simply not for you--there's no hard feelings. Simply send me an e-mail and I will immediately refund your money--and you can keep the entire course along with the special bonuses absolutely free.

No Questions Asked.

This is my way of thanking you for your decision to invest in She's Six Steps Away.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Special Introductory Price Only $97 $47

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Take action now by clicking Download Now.

You'll get instant access to the entire course within seconds.

Your happiness depends on you.

No one can make it happen for you. And this is doubly true when it comes to women.

Good things come to those who wait, but not to those who hesitate.

Hesitate, and you may never take action at all.

Go ahead and take action now by clicking the add-to-cart button.

I’ll see you on the other side.


P.S. Check out some of the reviews from ordinary guys just like you.

Rave Reviews of The Six Step Method...

Don't take my word for it. Here are just a few of the reviews of She's Six Steps Away. Don't doubt, this will change your life.

She’s Six Steps Away Awarded Editors Choice at DatingSkillsReview.com

This is a great course for guys who are struggling with extreme anxiety when it comes to approaching women.

Easy to implement, it focuses on incremental improvement and gradually desensitizing you to the idea of talking to women in everyday situations.

It’s designed to slowly get you over your fear of talking to women, and provides realistic exercises that you can practice that will help you get over your anxiety.

The Bottom Line: If you have real trouble approaching women, this is definitely worth checking out.

- Jackson Hunter, DatingSkillsReview.com


"The method is... unlike anything else out there."

The method (and the book) is fantastic so far, and unlike anything else out there that I’ve read on the subject.

It seems pretty obvious that this will work if one follows the method. I like how it takes a long term view, rather than trying to be a quick fix.

So far the book is all that I hoped it would be after reading your blog posts and your “Single Most Important Thing” manifesto (a long time ago).

Bottom line, awesome book so far.”

- Brent B., Portland, OR

“The best book on dating/seduction I ever read."

I read your book last night and I think it is an absolute masterpiece!

In fact, I’d go as far saying it is the best book on dating/seduction that I have ever read.

I spent 4 years in the seduction community and during that period, I read most of the books/e-books in the field of seduction.

I have attended numerous seminars and I have met and worked with lots of seduction experts. Most important of all, though, I spent hours every week on the streets, in coffee shops, in supermarkets etc approaching and starting conversations with women. So I know a lot about the challenges and obstacles that guys face in this mission.

When I read your book, it showed me what I had been doing wrong when I was approaching women, and how I could have improved my results.

I think if I had read this book 5 years ago, I would have had a lot more success than I did.

There will be many people in the future who owe their lives (literally) to you, because your book will have given their dad the encouragement and skills to be able to approach their mum and get a date!!!"

- Zahir Mahmood, U.K.

I don’t hesitate to say this book could be life-changing."

It's really precious to come across Eric’s book. This is a non-creepy, manageable path to a goal that is really what we’re after: being able to accept a greater range of emotions so we can stretch our comfort zone and take action over what we want in life.

I’m drinking the Kool-Aid here for two reasons. First, Eric comes across in the book and in his podcast as very genuine and self-effacing.

Second, the six steps themselves are logical and manageable – he gets out the clutter and really narrows the scope towards the one fundamental goal – gradually learning to accept a greater range of emotions so you gradually take action consistently (and in any case, if you do what he says, I’m sure more than enough women you find attractive will be in your life).

I don’t hesitate to say that this book could be life-changing for those of us who clearly need to do something about our romantic lives and are looking for a way to do that that will make us not just better with women, but able to feel better about ourselves and to view the world as a less hostile place."

-Rich Benedetti, Los Angeles, CA

“The book... is extremely grounded, very real and honest.”

The book is good. Damn good. I expected it to be a little bit sloppy (as e-books sometimes are), or maybe too theoretical.

The writing shines. I can see you've worked on it a lot. It shows. Each word is well chosen, the language is simple and precise, the sentences clear and beautifully linked. It's easy on the eyes and very enjoyable to read.

Your honesty, the thing that attracted me to Approach Anxiety in the first place, really shines through.

What I love about it the most is that you're not promising to change everyone into Casanova. You're just saying that by following your strategies, they'll be able to approach and talk to more women.

That's the brilliance of the book. It's extremely grounded, very real and honest. Just like the blog, it makes me feel - "this is real. He's done it, I can do it too."

- Alexei Loyd, New York, NY

“I was almost in tears today in gratitude to you."

I was almost in tears today in gratitude to you. I picked up a 10... not a 9... but a 10 at the park today (it was a solid close too, she expressed how much she is looking forward for me to call her)... then I had 2 french girls make out with me today at the bar.

It was a full day of game, not my usual... but before you a full day off meant going to the studio and making music ALONE, and catching up with friends (MALE).

Today was truly fulfilling a need of mine that I have had for YEARS. Thank you so much for all the training you have given me man. I am very grateful to you. I hope you raise your prices one day bro... you are giving away too much value for too little money."

-Jason Acevedo, New York, NY

“This book… will truly generate results for people suffering from approach anxiety.”

Where your method really shines is the way you advocate a step-by-step progression of small and manageable actions that build a safe and gradual feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence.

The use of graded exposure is the best way to overcome any anxiety, and extending that framework so it continues into the interaction is also helpful to relieve the tension of where to lead a conversation.

We’re not just handed a bunch of tricky lines and techniques and thrown out into the wild with a pat on the back and a “good luck, son”.

These are a concrete progression of steps to help us improve, and in the process, have some fun.

It’s possible you may get flak from some who might argue that your process is too rudimentary. “This won’t get me laid” etc. But then they probably don’t understand what some of us have had to battle with. You do.

And as this book is designed specifically as an introduction to the approach, yours is the kind of book that will truly generate results for people suffering from approach anxiety.

Thankfully, this 6 step method has made me excited about getting out there again, it’s made me enthusiastic about taking action.

Thanks for a really great read.”

- Mark Shew, Dallas, TX

“Through The Six Step Method, I was re-born."

Prior to The Six Step Method, I had terrible fear of approaching women and I couldn't explain why it was getting worse. I would see a cute girl and literally freeze up.

Through The Six Step Method, I was re-born. The process was broken down into manageable steps and after about a month I felt like a different person. I began to think of things to say, to open girls almost automatically and get really good responses.

After practicing The Six Step Method, I have picked up and dated three of the hottest girls in my law school.

I number closed a former playmate (Miss September 2004), and several models.

I'm still chasing the same day lay but I'm sure it will come. I've brought about 20 girls back to my apartment during this spring and summer (usually during a second or third date). Three of those were from social circle, the rest were from cold approach. I slept with six them, four of whom were from cold approach."

- Parker Reston, New York, NY

“Everything involves a tangible step I could take to break out of my comfort zone."

This book is practical and concise. Everything involves a tangible step I could take to break out of my comfort zone instead of pontificating about how important it is to be confident and have good body language.

Obviously, those are important but you acknowledge the most important aspect in that it starts with the body and outside of the head.

The most important difference between your approach and others: like any artistic pursuit, you must treat yourself with kindness. Because artistic (and in this case, sexual/social) growth cannot take place in an atmosphere of harsh judgment."

 - Jorge Miller, New York, NY

“I went from approaching zero women to two or three hundred."

I couldn't believe how comfortable it was going from step to step, week to week. It took a lot of the pressure off.

It wasn’t ‘Day one: Approach 40 women.’ That would have been too much and not sustainable. There’s no way you’d be able to continue. You have to start out doing something long-term daily.

It's pretty ridiculous, the things I've done, compared to what I did before. I went from approaching zero women to probably two or three hundred.
I’ve lost count. I have no idea how many I've approached. I've gotten tons of numbers. I've dated a lot of women. I've hooked up with many of them.

 - John Martin, New York, NY

“There's no one better to guide you each step than Eric."

When I started, I was completely unable to talk to a girl I didn't know. It felt weird, unnatural and ultimately impossible. Now, I can approach girls that are VERY attractive and start a conversation.

Eric's program progressively challenges you in small steps. You never feel like you are being thrown to the wolves, as he guides you through each step. The progressive stepwise approach is very doable for anyone, and in a very short amount of time, you WILL actually impress yourself!

And there's no one better to guide you through each step than Eric."

– Marcus Favela, Phildelphia, PA

“Now if I see a woman I want to meet, I walk up to her and meet her...no games or insincere bullshit. "

Eric shattered my reality by showing me what is possible. This course was a huge influence on my development.

Now if I see a woman I want (not NEED) to meet, I walk up to her and meet her...no games, scripts, neediness, or insincere bullshit.

Working with Eric was definitely one of, if not THE, best personal growth courses I've ever had the good fortune of experiencing."

- Spence Richards, Chicago, IL


“It's no exaggeration to say it's been a difference of night and day."

I'm no expert by any measure, but life is much different since finishing the program. It's no exaggeration to say it's been a difference of night and day.

Your approach works because it's a strategy to cultivate confidence. Lately I've been able to focus less on trying or wanting to approach - I just do it or I don't. I can get further into discussions with women with much more ease than before. Directly approaching is fun instead of painful.

Probably the biggest change, though, is how women have been responding to me after the pick up. Now they're much more sexually charged, much more desirous, much more energetically attracted to me. There's a big difference between sex with a woman who you can get to sleep with you and sex with one who's been wanting to fuck you all night."

- John Doe, New York, NY


“It’s refreshing to read a dating book from someone who knows how terrifying it can be to approach women you don’t know."

It’s refreshing to read a dating book from someone who’s gone through social anxiety like I have and know how terrifying it can be to approach women you don’t know.

This book has a lot of applicable information you can use and clear directions about how to implement what you read into real life. The openers from the book are similar to normal everyday conversations you have with people all the time and don’t feel awkward to say.

And audio interactions and interviews included with the book are excellent bonuses and well worth the price.

- Tom, San Fancisco, CA


“I’m constantly amazed at the things I can do now."

Before the Six Step Method, I couldn't even ask someone what time it was. Now, I go out some days like a seek-and-destroy missile. When I see a beautiful woman, I'm there. I have the tools to start a conversation and be interesting, engaging, and attractive from the start.

I still have difficulty sometimes. Change takes time. But I’m constantly amazed at the things I can do now.

- Jacob Pollard, Baltimore, MD

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