She *Wants* You to Approach Her

by Eric Disco
Oct 25

A former mentoring student of mine sent me an e-mail this week.

Hi Eric,

I seduced a hot girl that I briefly worked with.

After I hook up with a girl, I usually ask her for her views on sex and seduction.So I asked this girl how she likes to meet men.

She said she hates meeting men at bars or clubs.She told me her favorite way to meet guys is at Union Square*!

She said if she is ever in the mood to be picked up she will go hang out at Union Square and wait for a cool guy to approach her!

I also asked how they open her. She said she hates when they compliment her right away.She said she loves the “smooth” guys that open indirectly and then seduce her through conversation.

So interesting that this is your favorite game spot and that you prefer indirect. Thought you would find this interesting.

*”Union Square” refers to a park in the middle of Manhattan that’s surrounded by bookstores, supermarkets and clothing stores.

Aaaah. It warms my heart.

The takeaway from all of this is not that all women necessarily respond better to an indirect approach, or that all women prefer to meet guys during the day rather than in bars.

The takeaway here is that women want guys to talk to them.

It seems women are always providing resistance to us in some way. Even when a girl likes you, she will “test” your meddle by offering resistance. It’s in her nature.

Due to this, it’s easy to start viewing women as an obstacle rather than realizing that they want to meet a great guy.

Seduction is a collaborative process.

Next time you go to talk to a woman, remember this. She may have set out that day looking to meet a great guy.

And guess what? You are that great guy.


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