She Needs To Be Punished

by Eric Disco
Apr 4

You’re out at a lounge with a very attractive woman, sitting, talking, enjoying each other’s company.

And she spills her drink.

What do you do?

If you’re a jerk, you might get angry at her.

But chances are, you’re not a jerk. You’re a nice guy.

Probably too nice.

So instead of getting angry, you might say to her “That’s okay, don’t worry about it.” You would play it cool.

Okay, not bad. It’s good to be nice. Nobody wants to hang out with a jerk.

But something that would make her feel even better is busting on her.

You turn to her and say “Oh my god, I can’t take you anywhere,” as you sigh. “Go wait in the car.”

Banter and teasing makes her feel good–and makes you attractive.

By joking with the her, she truly knows it’s alright.

By busting on her, you are letting her know you’re in good humor. You are telling her it’s okay, in an emotional way.

As long as they know you really are joking, women love it when you bust on them. It makes them feel good and makes you more attractive.

You can even bust on her when she DOESN’T screw up.

“I can’t believe you look so sexy tonight,” you say with a big sigh, shaking your head, as if she did something wrong.

“What’s a guy like me to do? I’m only flesh and blood.”

This stuff is powerful. And not just at the beginning of the relationship. Ever meet a woman who’s bored with her man?

A while ago, I was seeing a girl and our relationship got serious. Some of the flirting had died down.

That’s when she sat me down and said, “Eric, I like when you make fun of me.”

Message received, loud and clear.

Sometimes it’s not easy to joke with a girl, especially a girl you’re REALLY into. Teasing her is a risk and your body tells you not to take that risk.

Play it safe, you don’t want to screw this up!

But when you do joke with her, it shows her that you aren’t completely locked up, inhibited and under her spell.

It also sends a signal to your own body that it’s okay to lighten up here.

That’s when you become that fun, attractive, spontaneous person she’ll want to be around.

And it becomes fun for her.

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