What if I told you that starting a conversation with a woman you don’t know can be as natural as tying your shoes: whenever you see a woman you want to talk to, you don’t think about what to do or say, you don’t fight with yourself over it… you just do it! Well I’m here to tell you it’s possible and I’ve helped thousands of guys do it through my patented program called the Six Step Method.

  • meet women
  • gain confidence
  • charge your dating life
  • lose your inhibitions
  • know what to say
The method is unlike anything else out there, you have to try it.

-Brent B., Portland, OR


Jul 26

I was recently inspired by Scott Adam’s book where he talks about how having a System is better than having goals. I’ve always heard that the key to success is having clearly defined goals. You should write it down on paper, think about it every day, etc. and that will make it come true. Supposedly

Jul 14

This guy is a popular vlogger. I don’t follow him too much but I’ve seen him a couple times. He’s charismatic, entertaining and funny. He gets millions of views and seems like he has no trouble performing in front of people. That is, until you ask him to talk with women. A lot of guys

Jun 30

Here’s a fun little exercise I’ve been doing with eye contact. I pretend I’ve been gifted with a magical power: Every day, I get to choose one woman who will come over and sleep with me later that night. I can only choose this woman from among the women I see that day. And once

Nov 19

She’s Six Steps Away was awarded the Dating Skills Editor’s Choice award as best product to help you beat approach anxiety and get good at approaching women. ‘Right Click’ Here to Download the MP3 In this podcast, I talk about: Why Approach Anxiety is the No.1 reason men don’t get success with women (What 7

Aug 25

I’ve posted before about Missed Connections. A few days ago, someone posted the ultimate Missed Connection on Craigslist. The link has since expired. Missed Connection – m4w. I saw you on the Manhattan-bound Brooklyn Q train. I was wearing a blue-striped t-shirt and a pair of maroon pants. You were wearing a vintage red skirt

This book is practical and concise. Everything involves a tangible step I could take to break out of my comfort zone instead of pontificating about how important it is to be confident and have good body language. The most important difference between your approach and others: like any artistic pursuit, you must treat yourself with kindness.

-Jorge Miller, New York, NY