Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

by Eric Disco
Feb 14

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“Last night a DJ saved my life from a broken heart. Last night a DJ saved my life with a song.”

As someone who made electronic dance music, I felt sorry for guys who made rock music.

I had something they would never have:

I could DJ.

I believe this one simple fact is what has helped the evolution of electronic music progress so much over such a short period of time.

The DJ creates a paradigm within electronic music that almost no other genre can rival.

As someone who made electronic music and DJ’ed, I experienced it first hand.

Like rock music and any other genre, you sometimes hear a song or an artist that blows your mind. Wow. That is brilliant, you say to yourself.

And perhaps you can appreciate it even more than normal listeners, because you make music.

But unlike Salieri who could only sit around and envy Mozart, a DJ operates by a different set of possibilities.

When I hear an amazing song, my second instinct, after figuring out what the person did, is to share it with other people.

And unlike the rock musician who can only tell his friend what a great album it is, I get to actually spin the record on the dance floor.

It becomes part of me in a different way. It is an expression of myself even though I didn’t create it.

I feel nothing but love for the person who created it. Sure, a bit of envy at the artist’s virtuosity, but my ability to listen and pick it out among other songs only adds to my repertoire of greatness.

It’s a good attitude to take with pickup.

Sometimes you meet a guy who is amazing with women. Or is amazing in social situations. Or exudes a sexuality or magnetism that just attracts everyone to him

It can sometimes make you feel a bit insecure.


That guy is amazing.

But instead of feeling bad about yourself that you lack the same abilities he does, you can take this fantastic opportunity to learn from someone.

You have the ability to look at what he does, what he’s saying, what he’s wearing, how’s he’s interacting with people, and absorb it into your psyche.

It turns into a celebration of possibilities rather than a tribute to what you lack.

I check out sexy guys almost as much as I check out sexy women. What does he have that makes him so attractive?

What is he wearing? Those jeans with those shoes are an awesome look. But it wouldn’t be complete without the belt. Very cool.

How does he move? What is his body language like? How does he walk?

Is he with a hot girl? How is he interacting with her? Is he facing her or is she facing him? How are they sitting?

Talk to the guy if you can. Find out what he’s like. Make friends.

It’s not a threat. It’s an opportunity.

Next time you hear that amazing music, embrace it without hesitation.


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