Into the Driving Rain with Her

by Eric Disco
Sep 5

It’s an ugly ugly day out. Cold and pouring rain.

I drank too much coffee and I’m feeling on edge.

I get onto the subway platform in Union Square.

I just finished my daily round: Starbucks, Barnes and Noble. Whole foods.

I didn’t even really get past banter with anyone today. Not many attractive women and I’m not quite in the mood.

As walk the length of the subway platform, I see a cute girl.

Not in the mood.

I see another cute girl. Not in the mood to walk over to her.

Then I see this amazing hotty. Mediterranean look, olive skin, and a body to die for.

She walks past. I consider.

All I’m going to do is stand next to her, I decide.

I walk to the other end of the platform. By the time I get next to her, the train has already arrived.

It’s crowded and we both get on the train, nowhere near each other.

Doesn’t matter, I think to myself. All that matters is that I took the initiative. I put my feet in motion when I felt attraction.

The train arrives in Brooklyn and I get off my stop. She’s slightly in front of me.

Her low-cut blouse is teasing me, exciting me.

We step off the train and move with the crowd. I can tell she’s aware of my presence.

I decide I am going to do the bare minimum: stop her and tell her she’s really cute and then be on my way.

But there’s no good place to stop her. Crowds of people are moving like a wave.

I have to stop her before we get out into the rain, I think to myself.

Before the final set of stairs I pause, she’s now behind me. I wait for her.

I stop her and stutter a bit. “I know this is random, but I just had to tell you how cute you are.”

Her face lights up with a smile. I introduce myself. I banter a bit with her.

I ask her how her day is. She says she’s having a rough day.

She asks me how I am. I say something about my awesome weekend.

I invite her to have a drink with me.

We step out of the subway and into the driving rain, under my umbrella.

We find a bar and the adventure begins.


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